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Organizing a meeting or lecture of any kind is tough. Not only do you have to create notes, but you have to share those notes with meeting attendees. It’s also important to pick a time and date that works for people who may be attending your meeting across borders. Meetings are chaotic at the best of times.

Turn your meeting into a web meeting and you have a whole different set of problems. Try to send everyone who will attend your meeting a list of documents that will make any meeting run smoother, and your head will begin to whirl.

There are many different meeting programs available that aim to make creating and running a meeting easier. Most of these programs work relatively well, though many have hiccups. A new meeting web app called Meetin.gs may change the way that Internet meetings are run. What makes this program different? A few basic things that are, in fact, necessary.

Note Taking Ease

What happens when you take notes during a meeting? If you’re running the meeting, you will have to share these notes with people who have attended your lecture. Even though sharing notes sounds easy, it is actually a difficult task. When you’re using Meetin.gs, you can take notes throughout a meeting simply and effectively. Even better, you can share those notes with everyone who has attended a meeting within minutes.

Meetin.gs really makes creating and sharing notes simple. In fact, this is one of the reasons why the web app is bound to become very popular very quickly. Prior to the public release of Meetin.gs, this web app was solely available in beta form. Now, Meetin.gs is available to the general public for use whenever you have to attend or run a meeting.

Share and Combine

A great meeting web app allows you to share notes and take notes. A better app allows you to coordinate meeting times with people around the world. The best meeting web app does both of these things while also creating an online forum for attendees to share notes, thoughts, strategies, and anything else that arises.

Meetin.gs includes such a forum. Not only can you share documents through this forum, but you can also place important notes and other pieces of virtual paper online, so that people can retrieve these items prior to a meeting. I’m seeing a lot of potential for business meetings and for school lectures with Meetin.gs – being able to grab important documents before a meeting will make any meeting easier to understand and follow.

Now Live

If you like the way that Meetin.gs sounds (and why wouldn’t you?), you can check out this web app now online. All you have to do is head to the website, sign up, arrange a meeting, and you’re ready to roll. There are two versions of Meetin.gs available. The first is a free version that allows you to upload 6MB of material. The second is a “Pro” version that’s available for $19 per month. With the Pro version, you will be able to upload 25MB of material.