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  • Microsoft Launches App Store
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It seems Microsoft has finally figured out what users want. With the release of their app store -- a combination of the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store -- they are providing a cohesive experience for users across multiple devices. You know, like Apple and Google already do.

With the impending release of Windows 10, it shows the company’s desire to compete with the rest. No longer will users of PCs and tablets search the Windows Store, while Windows Phone users turn to the Windows Phone Store. It’s all in one place, and it’s about time.

It’s How They Intend to Attract Users, and Simplify Life for Developers

When a developer makes an app, they typically need to create one for the PC or tablet, and another for phones. But with Windows 10, developers will only need to create the app one single time, and it’s available to everyone, on any device. This reduces development time drastically, which Microsoft hopes lures developers to create more apps for their devices.

When there are more apps available for users to install, users will begin to consider the Windows Phone, tablet, and PC as an option. When you can install apps across all of your devices, it makes your life easier.

How Microsoft Stands to Benefit

Many of us grew up on Windows. However, as times have changed, we’ve seen that other platforms just make more sense -- when you can access the same apps across all of your devices, as with Apple for example, why would you choose anything else? And currently, people are opting for tablets and smartphones rather than PCs. When it comes to the Windows Phone, its sales are lacking.

By revamping their marketplace and offering universal apps thanks to Windows 10, they are now positioning themselves to increase sales. If someone really enjoys using Windows 10 on their desktop or laptop -- whether at home or work -- they will (hopefully) be more apt to choose a Windows Phone or tablet to get the same enjoyment and experience.

Not Just PCs, Tablets, and Smartphones

Microsoft is more than just computers and devices. This same universal app store will also be a place to get games for Microsoft’s Xbox gaming console. Developers can use that very same code to create not just desktop and mobile apps, but games as well.

The store will show options for Windows apps and Windows Phone apps right on its homepage. Clicking the “store” menu and then “Apps” gives you the option to view all apps, or view the apps available specifically for Xbox.

The Store

There is a search feature where you simply type in the app you’re looking for and clicking search. You can click on the app you’re interested in to bring up a description, reviews, and ratings from other customers.

The thing Microsoft did not get right: it isn’t as simple to install as with the Google Play store. You can browse and search, but if you want to install the apps, you have to open the Windows Store up on the device you want to install it on -- either Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 device, or the Windows Phone Store on the Windows Phone.