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  • Titanfall is Finally Here!
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Will Microsoft and Sony ever play together nicely? Not likely. Today, Microsoft has launched the long anticipated game Titanfall.

This game is expected to blow what Sony has cooked up for PS4 out of the water. Launched by creating more than 6,000 midnight events worldwide, Microsoft’s new game got off with a bang. Here’s what Titanfall is all about.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Choose one: soldier or robot. That’s the start of this game. You can begin as a soldier involved in foot combat. Or, you can take on the world as a robot Titan. You’ll hold a weapon in first-person view either way. Microsoft promises a fast game that brings gaming into true next-generation play. This is a single-player game that also allows for multi-player online shooting. The choice is yours.

Explore different worlds starting with the Frontier, and find many enemies along the way. Titanfall is all about combat, and Microsoft has brought the game up to Sony’s combat gaming level (not a mistake). Clearly, Microsoft is going after the serious gaming crowd that usually flocks to whatever Sony is putting out. Titanfall has a clear storyline, but this game is focused on the details.

Gaming Manufacturers Split

Microsoft has taken a strong stance with Titanfall. Now that Nintendo has announced its intentions to focus on fitness, Sony and Microsoft remain the two major players in the combat gaming sphere. It’s not really a risk for Microsoft. The company’s Xbox console has been host to various action games in the past, but none rival what Sony has offered. Microsoft is hoping that Titanfall with be a “blockbuster” (as reported by a Microsoft rep to press).

Microsoft is hoping that Titanfall will bring the kind of money that was generated by Halo. That might be a long shot. Titanfall is an action-packed game that has had its fair share of press leading up to today’s release, but Halo is in another category. Microsoft isn’t sharing a sales forecast for the game. Today’s receipt of Titanfall will give critics some idea of how the game will do, though. Microsoft is expected to showcase the game at SXSW too, which should help numbers grow.

Your Choice

What really matters is how you feel about the new Titanfall game. Microsoft can make all kinds of projections, but gamers will ultimately decide the fate of game sales. The company has put a lot of money into marketing Titanfall and developing the game. This should count for something. As mentioned, the game was released today at midnight across the world, and you can see the game in action at the SXSW conference.

Titanfall can be downloaded from the main game website to PC or Xbox. You can also pick up a hard copy of the game at various retailers including Best Buy and Walmart. The retail price for Titanfall is $59.99. It’s a competitive price for a competitive gaming market, but will it be enough for Microsoft to win the battle over Sony? Will you be buying this game?