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  • Give Microsoft Your iPad: Get !
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Apple and Microsoft have competed fiercely against each other for some time now, with Apple holding the lead when it comes to the tablet market, followed closely by Android. Will Windows tablets and devices with touchscreen technology ever get a chance? Microsoft is hoping they will, with a little help from their newest promotion.

If you are curious and want to try out the new Surface tablet featuring Windows 8, Microsoft will cut you a deal on its price with the trade in of your “gently used” iPad, according to the company's Facebook page as of Friday. Why does Microsoft want your iPad? To lure you away, of course! Here are the details.

The Deal

Simply bring your iPad version 2, 3, or 4 to the Microsoft store, and in return receive a gift card with at least $200. They're hoping that you'll trade it in for Microsoft's latest marvel, the Surface RT ($349) and Pro ($799), but it can be spent on anything in the Microsoft store.

Microsoft is banking on iPad users falling in love with the power of the Surface, a device that offers so much more than the iPad. I'm pretty sure you've seen the commercials, where the voice of Siri blabs on about all the iPad cannot do when compared to the Surface (“You have full Office? I can't do that.”). One of the commercials even ends with Siri commenting on the Surface's lower price tag (“That's not cool.”)

iPad vs. Surface

While the Surface may be a bit clunkier than the iPad (it not only measures bigger in terms of thickness, it is heavier as well), it is like a laptop in tablet's clothing. One complaint is horrible battery life due to the Core i5 processor powering the device. If you're using this as your workstation however, you probably have it plugged in, so it isn't an issue. When compared to your iPad, the Surface Pro wins hands down: more power and more memory.

Another area the Surface wins in: getting many things done at once. It is a multitasking master, whereas the iPad just isn't. Another problem with Apple's tablet is the fact you can't easily connect your external devices like cameras or flash drives to the iPad's lone port. Adapters are required. The Surface Pro offers users a USB 3.0 port, microSDXC slot, and Mini DisplayPort.

Is It Fair To Compare?

There are numerous techies out there that say you simply cannot compare these two devices. One is a tablet, while the other functions as a powerful computer disguised as a laptop. The Surface is a productive powerhouse, and offers a simpler way to enjoy your media files. The iPad is a lot more comfortable to use with its slimmer and lighter design, but just doesn't get things done like its competitor.

Microsoft needs to focus on drawing in that segment of users that want a seamless way to go from work to play and back again. But is that segment of the population enough to give them the push they need to lead the tablet market? Probably not.