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  • Microsoft’s Windows 8 Kid’s Corner
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Have you ever wished that you could have two login screens on your phone? Two logins that would allow people who use your phone to see only the apps you want them to see? Microsoft has made that wish a reality. The new Windows 8 phone includes a multiple login option called the Kid’s Corner. But, don’t let the name of this option fool you. Kid’s Corner really isn’t just for kids.

Microsoft’s Kid’s Corner makes it possible to set up more than one account. So, your friends, your kids, or anyone who grabs your phone can only see what you want them to see. Got an app you want to hide? Go ahead and hide it. Something else you don’t want someone to see? Make it disappear. If this sounds like the phone feature you’ve been waiting for, you’ll love the Windows 8 phone.

The Windows Phone Concept

If you haven’t been glued to a tech blog these past few days, you might not have seen what Windows phone is all about. Let’s clear up the confusion. Essentially, phones that run Windows 8 will provide users access to live tiles. Live tiles are those, now iconic, colored Windows 8 tiles that have been popping up everywhere. Each tile that a user sets up includes live information. For example, live Facebook status’. Users can customize tiles and include as many or as few tiles as necessary.

When using Kid’s Corner, users can choose to hide some of the tiles that normally appear. In addition, a child or friend can set up their own tiles. This way, the data that you want to keep safe, like a Facebook update, will be hidden from view when someone else uses your phone. The Windows phone will be unique from iOS and Android because it does not include static app icons. Instead, everything is live, and this provides users with instant gratification.

Something Completely Different

Microsoft has taken a look at both Android and iOS. Drawing from these two platforms, Microsoft has created something entirely different. Windows 8 phones will not look like iOS or Android phones. It will be easy to pick out a Windows 8 phone from the crowd, and, further, to pick out your unique Windows 8 phone thanks to customized live tiles. This could be a great advantage for Microsoft. Then again, some consumers may be a bit gun shy when it comes to choosing a phone that’s not like all the rest.

If you are curious about Windows 8 phones, you will be happy to know that Microsoft does have a lot of apps in its app store. Earlier rumors were reporting that Microsoft didn’t have a good selection of apps, but this isn’t true. Currently, Microsoft has over 35,000 apps. Now, that might not be a large number compared to the apps in the Apple App Store, but it’s an impressive number considering the fact that most of these apps were added over the past year. Since Windows 8 has just been released, you can expect Microsoft’s app store to keep growing. If Windows 8 phones are successful, the number of apps in Microsoft’s store might even surpass competitors.