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  • Microsoft's Newest OS Might Not Be Windows
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The latest Microsoft operating system will be unveiled next Tuesday, but don’t call it Windows. Microsoft is trying to move away from the Windows name ever since the Windows 8 reveal. Since Windows 8 got such a bad reputation from those that were not a fan of the colorful tiles, consumers have lost a lot of faith in the brand.

But, there’s another reason why Microsoft probably won’t be calling the new OS Windows too - the company is moving in an entirely new direction.

A Time for Change

Under the new leadership of CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft will be focusing more on services and less on devices. The company has come to terms with the fact that the PC is dead, and this means that companies like MIcrosoft that once solely focused on PC sales are also fading quickly. According to a recent Reuters report, Microsoft now only controls fourteen percent of the computing devices market, and that’s not nearly enough to make Microsoft a major player.

Instead of continuing to try and win back a piece of the devices market, Microsoft’s new slogan is focusing on the cloud and on services. As far as the new OS goes, rumors have it that the much-loved Start button will be returning (with an option to move back to the tiles if so desired), and that the OS will be the building block of things to come on the near horizon, and those things are more services and more cloud and less devices.

Slipping Revenue

The revenue that Microsoft will pull in from Windows in the near future will likely begin to slip drastically over the next few years. Thus, the company has to find its dollars elsewhere, and that other place is within the context of services. What types of services Microsoft will be focusing on aren’t entirely clear, but those services will span across a number of different devices, so that Microsoft still remains a major player in the industry somehow.

The Microsoft services that people can’t currently live without include the Office Suite, and things like cloud storage, and this is what the company will be focusing on. In other words, Microsoft has to find the thing that people want and expect from the company and deliver on those things. Catering to what the company’s market wants is a wise move, and it’s one that makes the only kind of sense considering Microsoft’s current situation.

BlackBerry Too

Microsoft’s restructuring reminds me entirely of what BlackBerry is currently doing with its newest devices. BlackBerry, too, has moved back to tools that its market wants, like the BlackBerry Passport, and away from things that people just don’t associate with the company like Apple comparable smartphones.

Moving to what customers wants makes sense for both companies, and it’s what you can expect to see from Microsoft when the new operating system arrives. Whether or not that OS will be called Windows remains to be seen, but it’s highly unlikely that Microsoft will want to stick with the Windows name at this point.