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  • Why the Surface Pro Is Getting So Much Hype
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The Microsoft Surface Pro has been getting a lot of attention. This compact 10-inch tablet packs an ultrabook-type punch. Microsoft has put a lot of effort into the smaller details that make up the newer Surface Pro. A detachable keyboard, for example, is just one of the things that you’ll love.

What you might not like is the price of this tablet. At $899, it may be tempting just to purchase a laptop or ultrabook unless you are looking for something a lot more compact. In that case, the Surface Pro does have a lot to offer. As with most things, the devil here is in the details. Not sure if the Surface Pro is for you? Take a look at the following specifics.

What the Surface Pro Has Inside

The Surface Pro starts off with an Intel Corei5 processor; 4GB of memory; a 64GB SSD; an Intel HD 4000 graphics card; and Windows 8 OS. The tablet weighs just two pounds, which makes it easy to tote around wherever you roam. Not only does the Surface Pro come with lots of great specs on the inside, the outside of this tablet isn’t too shabby either.

Surface Pro Design

In one word, the design of the Surface Pro is: elegant. The Surface Pro has a magnesium chassis; a slim overall look; and a keyboard that just makes sense. In fact, the Surface Pro’s keyboard is one of the reasons why this tablet is a best seller. You can purchase the Surface Pro without a keyboard, but why would you? Especially when Microsoft has taken so much time perfecting two detachable keyboards.

The Touch Cover is a $120 keyboard that’s of the membrane sort. You won’t feel any actual keys beneath your fingertips when you use the Touch Cover, it’s all virtual. That said, it takes some time getting used to typing with the Touch Cover. But, it’s worth testing this cover out all the same. Alternately, the $130 Type Cover is a real keyboard with real keys.

The Type Cover is highly responsive and is really the better option if you can’t get used to not having any real keys to press. The Surface Pro also comes with a stylus called The Surface Pen. When tested, this pen is simple to use and makes drawing a snap. If you’re not into pens or detachable keyboards, you can always use the touchscreen option.

Other Details

You will find small speakers built into the Surface Pro, though they aren’t anything to write home about. Do keep in mind that you won’t receive a full version of Microsoft Office when you purchase the Pro. What you’ll get is a stripped down version of Windows 8. However, the Surface Pro does run full versions of Office without any hiccups.

As mentioned, the price tag on this tablet is on the high side, but the Surface Pro has received a number of nods, and it is a great tablet to purchase if you’re looking for something slim, packed with features, and reliable.