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  • What is Clutter for Office?
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Microsoft unveiled a new Office tool called Clutter, recently. If you use Office, you’ll want to tap into this tool. Here’s what Clutter is all about.

Organizing Your Inbox

Over the years, a number of different tools for various email programs have surfaced. Most of those tools are designed to help people organize inboxes. If your inbox is anything like mine, though, most of those tools fail miserably – even Gmail gest it wrong sometimes. Microsoft’s Office is, in fact, a lot like Gmail’s various inbox folders. Clutter sorts and files emails as they are sent or stored, so that you can easily see what’s important – and get rid of the things that aren’t important at all (like all of that political spam).

How does Clutter do it? Simply put, Clutter recognizes various patterns that relate to your email inbox. If you tend to toss emails sent from a certain person regularly, Clutter will filter those emails out and into your trash.

If you don’t bother reading some emails right away, those will be sent to a different folder. What you’ll see in your inbox are just those emails that matter right now. If Clutter makes a mistake, you can ‘mark as not clutter.’ As the tool’s name suggests, Clutter cleans up the, well, clutter that can plague an inbox.

How It’s Different From Gmail

The main difference is that Clutter works with Office (that one was obvious, right?). How it’s otherwise different, though, is really tough to sort out. Clutter does work just like Gmail, but that’s not a bad comparison.

After all, Gmail is the most popular email program available, so why wouldn’t Microsoft want to model Office after something so successful? It all makes good sense, right? Plus, Office users often need a way to sort and filter through mail, since these accounts tend to be used by business owners or poor souls that slave away in offices all day.

Office isn’t necessarily the best email option, but if it’s the one you use, you may as well use Clutter to help you deal with all that inbox noise. Otherwise, you’ll be drowning in emails that you may read, or completely miss thanks to too many inbox emails.

Clutter isn’t perfect yet, but Microsoft is working on glitches, and the tool does promise to be very useful. You’ll quickly see the emails that you want to see because they will be highlighted. Those that need to be tossed will be thrown away. What could be simpler?

Other Microsoft News

Microsoft also unveiled OneDrive for business collaboration tools. If you use OneDrive, you’ll want to check out the tools that have been designed to make working on projects with others simpler. All in all, Microsoft is cleaning up its game, so that the company can compete with other companies like Google.

If you use Office, make sure to check out Clutter – there’s really no reason not to! Have you used Clutter yet? What do you think of this tool?