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  • Windows Blue Leak: Details Inside
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Microsoft's next Windows instalment, Windows Blue, has leaked. The new version of Windows showed up on the Internet and was quickly spread for all to see. In case you missed it, here's what Microsoft is currently working on.

A Whole Different Interface

Remember those massive tiles? Microsoft is cutting those tiles down significantly. The new Windows Blue Start Screen will feature smaller tiles, but that's not all. Users will soon be able to place apps next to one another with "Snap View." Four different "snapped" apps can be placed next to each other. Users will also be able to alter the tile colour options.

Windows Blue will also make things easier on tablet users. Instead of visiting the "Control Panel" settings, tablet users will be able to use SkyDrive to make changes. In addition to significant UI changes, Blue will also include some "Charm" changes.

Charm Changes

"Share Charm" will soon let users share images across applications by taking screenshots. The "Devices" charm will also include a simple "Play" button, which many users will find useful. Microsoft has also put a lot of thought into new touch gestures. Touch users will soon be able to swipe from top to bottom to draw up a row of apps from the Start screen.

Additionally, in Desktop mode, users can view a desktop app mode bar by swiping up or down. This bar includes projector settings, snap settings, and other quick options. Windows Blue is not ready to be released yet, but this new leak does provide some insight into the upcoming Blue.

Release Date and Other Details

Microsoft has told press that Windows Blue will be released later this year. An exact release date has not been announced. There is no official word from Microsoft on the leaked Blue information, but these details do come from a reliable source.

As far as the current known updates go, it seems as though Microsoft is perfecting the next instalment on Windows. Smaller tiles make a lot of sense where larger displays are concerned, and easier swiping gestures are ideal when it comes to touch screens. Microsoft has had a good amount of success with the previous instalment of Windows, and it looks like the next instalment will also turn some heads.

Reactions Thus Far

So far, reactions to the new Blue updates are positive. Some Windows users are looking forward to the updates while others are hoping for even better features. Some argue that touchscreen desktops are not ideal and will never be ideal, though Microsoft isn't giving up on that dream too quickly.

Others believe that touchscreen desktops are where the future of desktops is at. Either way, Microsoft continues to update touchscreen options and features with the hopes that many will begin to adopt the touchscreen option. It will be interesting to see what other updates and features Microsoft includes in Windows Blue when the product officially launches. When that launch does happen, I will make sure to keep you posted.