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  • Windows 10 Is Here - Details Inside
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Yesterday, Microsoft unveiled the company’s latest operating system calling the system Windows 10. The new operating system will be available to consumers, but Microsoft has actually created this OS for business usage.

Using Windows 10 For Business

Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will provide businesses with a way to manage every Windows machine that they own with one single piece of central software, and companies will also have the option of creating an App Store that is solely for employee use.

Start Is Back

Microsoft started yesterday’s presentation by showing the crowd the new Start button that pulls up applications and data. The previous version of Windows did not include a Start button, and this was a major drawback to a lot of users. Now, the company has brought back the Start button, which was a really smart move, and Microsoft has listened to user complaints when it comes to that famed button.

Touch Is Still Here

Even though some wish Microsoft would simply give up on the touch screen idea, the company has told press that it doesn’t wish to get rid of touch devices completely. Instead, Microsoft is simply aiming to create an interface that works with both traditional mouse and keyboard devices and with touchscreens. Whether or not the company will be successful in this endeavor is unseen, but few companies thus far have had a lot of success where using one OS across both touch devices and mouse and keyboard devices is concerned.

If we look at Apple, for example, we will see that the company has two different operating systems for both touch and keyboard, and that seems to be the norm. But, Microsoft wants to do things differently, it seems. Microsoft also demonstrated a certain code that will let people switch from a touchscreen device to a mouse and keyboard device and back to a touchscreen in mere minutes.

More to Come

Today, Microsoft will show a select group of journalists the new OS through a short preview where people are allowed to play with the new OS, though the company did demo the new operating system yesterday (today is more of a deeper look into the OS), so stay tuned for those details. Windows 10 will arrive towards the middle of next year, and Microsoft has also noted that the company will release updates continuously after the OS starts to ship, so you don’t have to worry about any lag time with updates.

So the question now remains: why did Microsoft call this version Windows 10 and not Windows 9? The simple answers seems to be that Microsoft wanted to distances itself from Windows 8 as much as possible - let’s see if the company succeeds. So, there you have it - Microsoft has a new operating system called Windows 10 that aims to put a lot of distance between the new OS and the failed (somewhat) Windows 8. Should anything else be revealed where the new operating system is concerned, I’ll keep you posted on any updates.