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  • Microsoft Will Focus on Gaming Once Again
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Last year, Microsoft made a big mistake. Instead of letting the Xbox One be what it is, a gaming console, the company tried to turn it into a living room entertainment system. That plan failed. Xbox One users insisted that the company go back to basics, or face the real possibility that the Xbox One would shortly become obsolete.

Microsoft has listened to these requests. Recently, the company announced a brand new direction that’s actually a lot like the old one (and that’s a good thing).

A Gaming Focus

Instead of trying to sell a gaming console as an entertainment system, Microsoft has told press that the company is going back to its gaming roots. What does that mean, exactly? It means that you can expect a whole bunch of exclusive Xbox console games arriving in the near future. Based on what Microsoft recently announced, here’s what you can look forward to:

Halo 5
Fable Legends
Forza Horizon 2
Scalebound (from Platinum Games)

These are just some of the titles that will be exclusive to Xbox. In addition, Microsoft is bringing back some popular retro titles including:

Phantom Dust

In addition, Microsoft will be releasing some indie titles that look really nice too. As you can see, the focus is really on games and gaming now, and Microsoft has done away with the whole entertainment system that nobody really cared too much about.

Respecting Its Fan Base

Microsoft really had to pay more attention to its fan base with the new Xbox direction. Otherwise, the company was lining up to lose most of its dedicated gamers, and that would certainly end in disaster. Microsoft has told gamers, indirectly, that the company still values their kind, and that may mean that Microsoft can stay afloat just a bit longer – or, maybe for good. For a while there, it was looking like Microsoft might not make it in the gaming world as it turned gamers further and further away from the Xbox console.

If only companies like Nintendo could take some cues from Microsoft’s turnaround. We’re still waiting to see what Sony comes up with too. Clearly, though, Microsoft’s new direction wasn’t about keeping up with the competition. Instead, the company has finally decided to focus on what it does best, and that means going back to its gaming roots. Why Microsoft ever thought that going in the direction of an entertainment console was a good idea remains to be see, but that’s what happens when companies lose focus and try to join in on a trend.

The Future

Microsoft promised gamers more games this time around, and the company looks like its delivering on that promise. If you’ve given up on the Xbox because of its lack of game-focus, it’s time to give the console another look. With all of the new and exclusive titles that Microsoft is now offering, you won’t find any shortage of games for this console. Will you give the Xbox a try now that Microsoft is going back to gaming?