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  • Microsoft Throws XP Users a Bone
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Microsoft’s Temporary XP Fix

FireEye Inc. sent out a warning yesterday that XP users were at risk for a new hack attack. Hackers had discovered a particular XP bug, and were ramping up to use that bug in order to royally mess around with XP users.

At first, Microsoft told users that the company would not do anything about the bug, since Microsoft no longer supports XP. But then something miraculous happened – Microsoft decided to have a heart. The company sent out a fix to all XP users, and now everyone is safe from the planned attack dubbed ‘Operation Clandestine Fox.’

Now, You’re Really On Your Own

The fact that Microsoft bothered to fix the bug is somewhat astonishing. However, the company has told XP users that this was the last time a bug would be fixed. Now, XP users will really have to face the reality that no more patches of fixes for XP will be sent out.

So why did Microsoft decide to help XP users out this time around? Reps tell press that the company decided to help XP users out of this pickle because the bug and proposed attack happened so close to the ending of XP support. Were the attack to happen at a later time (and one will likely arise), Microsoft would not send out any kind of a fix.

It’s somewhat surprising that there are still XP users out there. After all, Microsoft did stop support for the product. Then again, some users just like the way that XP works, and those same users aren’t too keen on other options.

Plus, some people can’t afford to buy a whole new system just because Microsoft is playing hardball. The whole situation isn’t a good one. Microsoft faced some heavy flack yesterday before the company decided to send out a patch. Press and users alike weren’t thrilled that such a vulnerability existed that Microsoft decided not to fix. In the end, it seems, Microsoft really had no choice but to send out that fix.

What To Do

If you are really reluctant to move to Windows 7 or 8.1, give it a shot. Sure, things are somewhat different, but it’s not so different that you wouldn’t be able to use a more stable version of what Microsoft offers. Or, you can simply move to a different system altogether. You can find a lot of great deals right now on tablets or from various companies looking to cash in on what Microsoft left behind. In short, don’t take a chance that Microsoft might patch the next issue – it’s not going to happen. This time, everyone got lucky. Next time, it’s not going to be so simple.

Microsoft has ended XP support, and that means that you’re on your own now. Do yourself a favor and upgrade or buy a new system. This is the first of many hacks to come, and soon you won’t be able to do anything about it. Have you upgraded yet? What did you get?