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Mind maps have been around ever since the first piece of lined paper was printed. Teachers use these brainstorming maps every day, and companies all around the world draw mind maps on white boards. Mimicking life, as it will, mind mapping software now exists.

There are quite a few mind mapping software products on the market. The vast majority of these maps are colorful and helpful allowing you to create spider web upon spider web of mind maps. Some of these programs even enable you to upload mind mapping software to various writing programs and websites. Whether you’re looking to create a novel or share a business idea, mind mapping software takes note-taking to a whole new level. At the time of this writing, you can purchase mind mapping software for around $50+.

Please note that all prices listed in this article were approximate at the time of this writing.

NovaMind Platinum -- $200+

NovaMind Platinum is a really cool tool. Not only can you create all kinds of maps, but your personalized mind maps can be colored-coded, they can include icons, and you can play around with the layout of your map as much as you want to. This product comes with an excellent user interface that’s really easy to adapt to. When it comes to flexibility, NovaMind Platinum doesn’t disappoint. You can do nearly anything you want with your mind map including sharing your map effortlessly.

To share your map, simply head to the NovaMind Connect website that exists solely to share NovaMind maps. Those who are part of your NovaMind Connect community can add or comment on the maps that you create. The one drawback to NovaMind Platinum is that this system can be slightly sluggish when creating complex maps. However, most users will never reach the complexity level required to slow NovaMind Platinum down.

FreeMind – Free

FreeMind is the preferred mind mapping tool of many simply due to the act that it’s free. This open-source software provides an ideal way to map out any brainstorming session. You can add main thoughts, sub-thoughts, and even smaller sub-thoughts. FreeMind allows you to choose icons, colors, and add hyperlinks to your maps.

You can also create HTML, JPEG, and PDF files once you’ve finished developing your customized mind map. For a free program, FreeMind allows users to create lavish mind maps that will help you organize your thoughts quickly. The one drawback to FreeMind is the lack of drag-and-drop. This drawback aside, FreeMind is an excellent way to get acquainted with Mind Mapping software.

Mind Pad – $70+

Out of all the mind mapping programs available, Mind Pad is the easiest to use. There’s nothing complex about Mind Pad, and you will find the drag-and-drop interface quite refreshing. As is the case with most other mind mapping software in its class, Mind Pad allows you to add icons, fonts, and shapes to your map.

You can also create arrows and other interesting images to add to any map. Color code your thoughts with ease using Mind Pad, and share your map with anyone you choose. If you want a program that doesn’t involve a lot of extra fuss, Mind Pad is the way to go. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial of Mind Pad, and this should be more than enough time to get acquainted with this excellent program.