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In a world full of tablets and smartphones, reading a book can be a great way to disconnect. Books provide a great escape, a way to unwind, and the possibility of imagining distant places and things. The problem is that finding new books to read can be tricky. If you’re the social type, you can join a book club. If not, discovering new authors and new reads is hard to do.

While seemingly contradictory, you can now use your smartphone to find new books for you. A new app called “Mind the Book” aims to make it easier for readers everywhere to find great new books to enjoy. Unlike other book apps and websites, Mind the Book helps readers discover new books through a unique search method.

Ask and Receive the Answer

Mind the Book wants you to ask questions about books. If you ask, for example, “what book is like Harry Potter?” Mind the Book will list a number of books that include wizards, posh private schools, and spells. If you ask about romance novels, Mind the Book will find these for you too.

It’s also possible to click on the title of a book using Mind the Book, and find out what kinds of questions a book should answer. For example, if you click on the latest “Harry Potter” book, your Mind the Book app may state “this book will tell you about wizards” or something close to this. If you select a book, the app will send you to the correct Amazon link, so that you can purchase the book in any form.


Aside from sending users directly to Amazon’s website, Mind the Book also recommends popular books. Upon visiting the Mind the Book site, visitors will see a column to the right-hand side of the screen that lists popular books. It’s also possible to see recently added books, which can be very helpful, since many books appear on bookshelves across the world daily.

If you’re feeling curious, you can look at the questions that other people have asked. Once you click on a question, you’ll find a series of book recommendations that go along with that question. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the Mind the Book web app. You can look at question after question and browse book after book. Eventually, you will find a book that suits your queries or follow someone else’s question to find the book that you’re seeking. The whole thing is ingenious, and simple to use.

Still in Beta Form

Mind the Book is still in beta form, and, as such, this app has a lot of growing to do. But, this reviewer sees a lot of potential for the Mind the Book app. Not only is it tough to find books these days, but it’s hard to know what a book includes unless you read through countless book reviews.

The new Mind the Book app lets you find books that you want to read, helps you learn about these books quickly, and provides you with everything that you need to know about a book. In short, it’s a book-lovers paradise, and it’s an app that you’ll want to explore if you love reading.