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  • Mindbloom: Motivation for Your Life
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Keeping track of life goals can be tough at times. All kinds of things get in the way of gaining motivation, staying on track, and remembering how to balance life out. This is where the new website Mindbloom comes into play. Mindbloom is a sort of life game that allows users to grow a virtual tree with the help of various life aspects. When users gain inspiration, motivation, or achieve goals, a Mindbloom tree will grow bigger.

Mindbloom inspiration can be gained through socializing and connecting with friends and family members, and it can also be gained in a number of other ways. The premise behind Mindbloom is simple enough: do well in your life and your Mindbloom tree will grow. The developers behind Mindbloom believe that this virtual game will help users stay motivated and on track. The Mindbloom video also states that this sort of virtual game is the same type of practice that life coaches currently use to motivate clients. Here’s how Mindbloom worked when this reviewer tested it out.

Testing Mindbloom

When you head to the Mindbloom website, you will see some simple explanations, a cute video (though long), and a button that gives you the option to create your own tree. After choosing to create your own tree, you will be asked to choose from the things that matter to you about your life. You can select from such items as finances, spirituality, relationships, work, and other aspects of your life. Once you’ve selected the important things in your life, your tree will be planted. In order to make your tree grow, you will need to provide it with water and sunlight.

As you progress, a small virtual bee will show up to serve as your guide. In order to save your tree, you must enter email and password information. After that’s done, you will be asked to provide your tree with sunlight and rain. In order to give your tree sunlight, you must take a look at inspiration quotes, photos, and other details. Every time you look at these things, your tree will gain some sunlight. In order to give your tree rain, you must include some life goals. The whole website is interesting to look at and could be a lot of fun if you are looking for some simple motivation.

Does It Work?

Mindbloom was developed to help you gain motivation, focus on goals, and achieve an all-around better life. But, the question here is: does this website work? Will you leave the site each day feeling more fulfilled? Further, will you actually go out into the world and work on these goals? Well, that depends on how motivated you are to change your life. If you follow your goals and aim to make your tree grow every day, you might find Mindbloom useful and helpful. The other positive thing about this site is that it is free to use (always a bonus).

On the flip side, if you don’t take Mindbloom seriously and you aren’t motivated to follow the inspirational quotes and goal instructions, Mindbloom is nothing more than a one-time game that’s fund to use. If you are looking for a way to expand your life in any manner, take a moment to check out Mindbloom – at the very least, it’s a lot of fun to grow a virtual life tree.