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  • New Mint App Is Refreshing
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Keeping track of expenses can be tough. This is especially true if more than one person uses any given card of bank account. It can also be hard to track the many charges that may appear on any monthly statement. For awhile now, Mint.com has been making personal finance easier for Mint users.

Mint.com allows users to enter banking and credit card information (secure site), and the service notifies users of charges, payments, and bank account details. Shortly after Mint.com gained a following, Mint developed an iPhone app. Now, Mint has put some more thought into that app. The new Mint app includes a few key features that anyone looking to keep tabs on a bank or credit account will find very useful.

Instant Updates

One of the most annoying things about buying items is that banks don’t update accounts right away. This means that you could have a lot less in your bank account than you think. Unless you are always on top of your account (and you have a calculator handy at all times), the Mint app will make keeping tracking of expenses – and instant account updates – easier.
Using the Mint app, all you have to do is plug a recent expense into the app.

Then, Mint will automatically update your bank account balance information. This information will then be displayed through the Mint app. Within moments, the correct and true current account balance will show. This new app feature will result in no more guessing, no trying to calculate amounts, and no confusion.

Bill Reminder (In Progress)

Mint is also testing out an app feature called Bill Reminder. As the name suggests, this new feature will remind users when bills are due. The idea behind this app development is to help users avoid late fees and missing monthly payments. Mint.com executives have not been completely clear on what the new feature will do.

But, there is some speculation that Bill Reminder will be hooked up to automatic bill payments. This will make it simpler for anyone seeking to pay bills on time. At the time of this writing, Bill Reminder was only open to a few people, but Mint.com is fine-tuning the feature as you read this article.

General Finance Help

Of course, the Mint app has all the great features that made the service so helpful to begin with. Users will be notified when an account has been touched, when fees are applied to credit cards, and when another card or banking option is cheaper.
In every manner, Mint.com is a great personal finance tool. Now that Mint has an iPhone app, keeping tracking of personal finances is easier than ever before. Incidentally, Mint.com also has an Android app available.

The Android app is a lot like the iPhone app (in fact, it’s hard to tell the two apart), so everything in this article that applies to the iPhone app also applies to the Android app. If you have an interest in keeping a virtual eye on your finances (and why wouldn’t you?), the Mint.com app (for Android or iPhone) is something that this reviewer thinks you can’t live without.