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  • Mitsubishi Creates a 92-inch Beast
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There’s big, bigger, biggest, and then there’s the 92-inch Mitsubishi Home Cinema TV. That’s right, 92-inches of pure television. Presumably, Mitsubishi doesn’t want to be knocked out of the TV competition altogether. Then again, the name “Mitsubishi” isn’t exactly on the tips of people’s tongues when it comes to buying a television.

If you’re looking for the largest TV on the market, the 92-inch monster from Mitsubishi may be what you’re looking for. If not, Mitsubishi isn’t overly concerned. The company is going after a different type of target that you may, or may not, be part of.


The Mitsubishi 92-inch DLP Home Cinema TV has a resolution of 1080p, is capable of displaying 3D content, and will also come in 72 and 83-inch options (still larger than normal). As can be expected the price tag on the largest of the Mitsubishi line-up will be around $6,000. So, who can afford to buy a television of this type? Better yet, who has the space for such a large TV?
Mitsubishi seems to be banking on an exclusive target market.

Those who have mansions, need the largest TV made, or simply want to encase every inch of a living room wall with images. Competing with other television manufacturers is not something that Mitsubishi seems to be concerned with. Sony, Panasonic, and other manufacturers haven’t touched the 90-inch mark, nor do they have any plans to (at the time of this writing).

A Bigger, Better, More Market

Mitsubishi’s main goal may not be to target the general television market. Yet, there is a possibility that the company may strike consumer gold with their 92-inch behemoth. As the economy within the United States recovers, and economies around the world change, consumers may be looking to buy the largest and best thing possible.

A 50-inch TV is impressive in its own right, but it’s nothing compared to a 92-inch. Then again, few people have the space or the money for such a large television set. So, why would Mitsubishi produce such a large TV? Three smaller, $2k, televisions have to be sold in order to equate the price of one 92-inch Mitsubishi TV. In short, this company is certainly in the business for the money.

A Last Stab for Mitsubishi

This is not the first foray into the television market that Mitsubishi has taken. The company has a number of televisions on the market including some 3D options. The problem is that Mitsubishi’s television technology can’t compete with, say, Panasonic’s. From the start, the flat screen television world has been a tough one to enter. Competition is brutal, and clear winner emerge. Television manufacturers that have been prized in the past are quickly left in the dust when it comes to today’s television technology.

Those who have had the chance to test the Mitsubishi 92-inch television report positive findings. But it’s highly unlikely that this newest part of the Mitsubishi family will turn a large percentage of consumer heads. The Mitsubishi 92-inch TV will be available for consumer purchase in January.