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  • Moglue: Write Your Own Children’s Book
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Have you ever wanted to become a children’s book author? There’s a new site out there called Moglue that will give you a chance at creating the best children’s book available. Moglue was designed and developed for people who aren’t great at coding or designing, but want to create children’s books all the same. Using the Moglue interface, developing a story complete with interesting graphics is easy.

Once created, any original children’s book will be available for purchase through the Moglue store via the iPad. Moglue is idea for anyone who wants to create a custom children’s book or for those children book authors who want to foray into the iPad world. Moglue is free to use and is available right now by visiting the Moglue website (www.moglue.com).

How It Works

Moglue wants you to create an interactive e-book and then turn that book into a mobile app. If this sounds difficult, you aren’t alone. Many authors and artists have no idea how to turn a children’s story into a mobile app. Aside from hiring a designer to create this sort of app (which is a very expensive endeavor), there weren’t a lot of options until Moglue came along. This site really does make it simple to create a children’s book of any kind.
So, how does it work?

When you visit the Moglue site, you will be promoted to create your own book using Moglue’s interface. This interface is simple to use and contains a number of graphics, sounds, and other objects that you can put into any story. Moglue wanted to make creating a story as simple as possible, so the company designed the whole interface on a drag and drop basis. In short, all you have to do to create your story is drag and drop graphics, sounds, and other items. As far as text goes, you have all the creative freedom you could want – just type away.

Publishing Your Moglue Story

After you’ve finished creating the ultimate children’s story, you can publish this story simply too. Moglue will offer you the option to publish your work, and once you hit the publish button, your story will be available for the world to see. Imagine the possibilities if you want to create a custom story for children in your life or if you have a great storybook idea that you can’t get published through the regular publishing route.

Moglue makes it easy to create a children’s story. Of course, in order to enjoy any kind of success, your story will have to be purchased by parents looking for e-books. Once you have sold your story a few times, you may even get a kickback from the profits. Moglue has told press that the company has some kind of revenue sharing program in place, but the terms of this program have not been completely disclosed. You can find out more information by contacting Moglue.

A Great Idea For Some

The only thing that’s not so great about Moglue is the fact that iPad users may wind up buying a children’s story that’s poorly done. This is a gamble that some will take when purchasing a Moglue e-book. Then again, there are plenty of great artists and writers out there who will never get a break in the publishing world, and sites like Moglue offer talented people an important opportunity.