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  • No Time, Mom? These Android Apps Will Help!
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Moms are busy people. There are always things that a mom has to do from preparing lunches to figuring out a summertime activity schedule. If you happen to be a mom (or know someone who is), why not let your Android phone help you out? There are lots of developers out there who are creating apps with the busy mom in mind. While downloading an app or two won’t provide an extra pair of hands or occupy your child’s time (unless that app is Angry Birds!), the following apps can help you organize your day – and even make sure that you include a little “me” time.

Yoga, Anyone?

Are you feeling the need to stretch and bend, but never have the time to actually book that yoga class? Yoga Workout Planner is a yoga instruction app that will take you through various yoga classes. Moms can choose a 15 minute or longer course, and each course includes detailed stretch instructions. Just plug in a pair of headphones while your kids are glued to the TV and start stretching! This app also comes with different types of music that you can listen to while doing yoga, and the app also happens to be free.

Get Organized!

One of the best ways to juggle that crazy schedule is to get organized. If you aren’t organized, you can bet that life with kids will be chaotic. The Cozi Family Organizer is a great app when it comes to organization. You can schedule everything that you have to do in a day by using this app, and you can even share those events with other family Android users. For example, if you want to plan a trip to pick strawberries on Saturday morning, just add that event to your planner.

Then, choose who you want to share this app with. As soon as the event has been planned, everyone you have shared it with will know about your upcoming strawberry outing. This app also includes a grocery store shopping list section that allows you to add items and cross those purchased items off of your list. Best of all, Cozi Family Organizer can be shared with Mac and PC users, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility. This is another free app that will make life as a busy mom easier.

Let Your Phone Help

Sometimes, you might need just a minute or two to collect your thoughts and relax. Those minutes are often few and far between, and that’s where the free Shapes app can help. If you have a young child, this app will display various shapes that will keep your child entertained for a few minutes, at least.


Yearning to communicate with other moms? Need some advice that only another mom can give or simply wishing to meet up with moms in your area? MomZeal is a quickly expanding app that will let you do all of these things. Find other moms, ask questions, chat, and make mom friends with this app – all for free.