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  • Momento: The Only Diary You'll Ever Need
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True to its slogan, the Momento app is truly a unique approach to diary writing. Available to Android and iPhone users, this app is perfect for long, detailed entries, or short notes to capture thoughts or moments throughout the day. Journaling is a very versatile tool that can help people accomplish goals, from becoming more organized, all the way to overcoming a phobia or childhood trauma. The design of this app really takes advantage of the many styles and uses for journaling.

The elegant design makes it easy and fun to use, and it has the ability to connect to some of the most popular web services, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. The ability to store notes, tweets, photos, videos and much more, shows that this app is more than just a journal, it's a place to keep anything and everything of meaning to its user.

A Digital Pocket Journal

The primary function of the Momento app, is to serve as a digital pocket diary. Keeping a diary or journal does come with a certain stigma in some cultures, but its benefits are numerous. Now you can reap the benefits of collecting thoughts and notes throughout the day, without having to carry around a conspicuous leather-bound journal.

The Momento app is a perfect platform for personal development. The old saying is true, that in order to change, one must first recognize the problem. Journal keeping, particularly short-form journal keeping, is an effective way of logging thoughts, moods, habits, and goals. Once logged, this data can be reviewed objectively, which can provide powerful motivation to reach one's goals, whatever they may be.

The content of the entries are completely up to the imagination of the user. One could use it as a way to record moments throughout the day, or as a dream journal, food log, venting board, or all of the above. The app allows for multiple entries each day, and is organized by the time of entry.

Sensible, Elegant Design

You don't need more than a word processor to function as a digital diary. Momento is much more than a diary. What really sets the Momento app apart, is the app's elegant design and many features. It is apparent from the moment the application opens, that it was designed with the user in mind. The home screen displays recent entries, and includes a button to quickly and easily capture thoughts.

The Momento app makes it easy to organize entries. People, places, and events can be tagged, and the app is fully searchable for easy call-back. One feature that is a bit confusing, is the ability to rate entries from one to five stars. It's up to the user to decide what each star rating means to him or her. For example, a one star rating might be something one uses to categorize an unpleasant moment or thought, where five stars means the moment was very enjoyable.

A One-Stop Thought Shop

Another great feature of the Momento app is its capacity to display multiple feed accounts. Facebook status updates, tweets from Twitter, and photos from Flickr can be displayed along with your captured thoughts on Momento. The app can also be connected with RSS/Atom feeds, Vimeo and Youtube videos, diggs from Digg, checkins from Foursquare and Gowalla, along with Instagram photos and loved tracks from Last.fm. It is a place to store anything valuable, inspirational, or meaningful to it's user.