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  • Need iPhone Battery Life? Here Is An Expensive Solution
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I love my iPhone. I really do. But, I don't love the extremely limited battery life. It seems like I charge my phone every few hours, at least. The newest iPhone 5 batteries are even worse, I hear. In searching for a way to extend my iPhone battery life, Mophie's Juice Pack line was discovered.

Mophie's Juice Pack lineup comes in the form of iPhone cases. These cases include built-in batteries that easily extend the life of an iPhone. Mophie has been making iPhone cases since the iPhone 3 debuted, and the company has just released cases for the iPhone 5.

Why These Cases Are Great

It's hard to think of a simpler battery solution. All you have to do is slide your iPhone into the Mophie case, and your phone will have some extra battery life. The Mophie cases are slightly bulkier than other iPhone cases. But, this won't matter to most people who are really just looking for any kind of iPhone battery solution.

Mophie's best-selling iPhone 5 cases are the Helium and the Air, and both are on the thick side. That said, Mophie promises that these cases will extend iPhone battery life by up to 80%. That's a pretty impressive claim. What does 80% more battery life look like? You can pretty much make it through a busy work day without having to charge your phone. Yep, that means that you can keep apps open and use as many apps as you like, and you won't run out of battery power. Pretty great, right?

Some Slight Drawbacks

As with anything else, there are some minor drawbacks to the Mophie iPhone cases. The first drawback being that added girth I mentioned above. The second drawback is that these cases tend to scratch phones. This isn't such a big deal if you don't plan on reselling your phone, but if you want to sell your phone in mint condition, a Mophie case might not be the best idea (the way phones are slid into these cases is what causes scratching).

Lastly, some headphones might require an odd-looking adaptor that Mophie now sells. Check out the Mophie website for more details about this adaptor. I'm betting that most people won't want to carry around an adaptor just to extend battery life and use a Mophie case. Aside from these drawbacks, Mophie is a great way to make your iPhone last longer.

Pricing and Availability

Mophie isn't giving these cases away. AT $99 a pop, most people will only be able to buy one of these. And, is $99 really worth it for an iPhone case? Sure, these cases extend the life of your phone, but unless you absolutely need to have your phone charged at all times, I'm thinking that this price is just too high.

Still want to buy one? You can order a Mophie case online through the Mophie website. These cases also come in many different colours, so you can choose what colour your want your $99 phone to be. Need extra battery life? Mophie is your best bet!