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  • The New Motorola Defy+
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Just yesterday, Google announced its takeover of Motorola. This news was so big and spread across so many worldwide headlines that the news of Motorola’s newest smartphone, the Defy+, gained no recognition at all. Yet, the Defy+ deserves to be noticed, since this smartphone promises to be quite popular.

You may remember that Motorola released the original Defy last year. This release was met with much anticipation, and sold well, though the processor included in this version of the Defy was sluggish.

Needless to say, the slow processor turned off a lot of consumers who then turned their attention towards other smartphones. Motorola has fixed the processor problem this time around, and the Defy+ is now more rugged than it has ever been before.

Defy+ Inclusions

The new Defy+ will have a larger battery, Android 2.3, and 1GHz. Right off the bat, these things make the Defy+ a top Android contender. But, what would a Motorola Defy+ phone be without being incredibly tough? You can expect Gorilla Glass, an amazing ability to stand up to water and dust, and scratch resistance.

Does this mean that you can drop your new Defy+ and go on using the phone? Maybe not. All big screen smartphones can break if they are dropped in just the right spot. But, the Defy+ will stand up to more abuse than, say, your iPhone. You can’t swim with the Defy+ or smash it against a wall, but it probably won’t break if you accidentally knock it off of your desk. For those who have recurring smartphone breakage problems, the Defy+ is the definitive answer.


Latin America, Europe, and Asia will see the first glimpses of the Defy+. Motorola announced that the smartphone would be available in these parts of the world sometime in early Autumn. When will the phone show up in North America? Motorola didn’t say. Presumably, the company will test the waters in Europe, Asia, and Latin America before it sends the phone over to North America.

Or, Motorola could be waiting for the launch of the much anticipated iPhone 5. North American markets are already worked up over Apple’s latest rumor, though nobody knows when Apple will officially launch the newest iPhone. It would make sense that Motorola doesn’t want to compete with Apple. Then again, Google (now owning Motorola) may want to compete with Apple directly, so there’s no telling when the Defy+ will launch in North America.

Cost and Other Bits of Information

Without a plan, the Defy+ will cost somewhere around $500. This seems to be the standard for new and improved smartphones these days. Of course, most people will opt for a three-year plan that cuts these costs in half. As far as other features of the Defy+, Motorola is expected to keep things the same as they were with the Defy. A 5-megapixel camera, GPS, 3.5G support, and a 3.7-inch display will all be part of the new Defy+.

Judging from the details that Motorola has release thus far, the Defy+ will be an interesting phone. It may even be a phone that some iPhone users will consider given the fact that the iPhone is rather delicate.