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  • Motorola's New Sol Speaker: Split Five Ways
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Have you ever wished that you could control the music at a friend's party? Hate what your friends play, and wish that you could hook up your device to your friend's portable speaker? Well, that's what Motorola's new wireless speaker is all about.

The new Sol Republic Motorola Deck (crazy name, right?) is a wireless speaker that can handle up to five different devices via Bluetooth simultaneously. That's right - five friends can connect devices to the speaker via Bluetooth at the same time. Pretty amazing, isn't it?

Size, Shape, and Other Details

With a name like Sol Republic Motorola Deck, there's no way that this speaker is going to come in any kind of boring color - and it doesn't. Fluorescent options all the way with this one. From bright green to other bright colors, the Sol stands out.

The Sol is about the size of an iPad, and can, technically, fit in a back pocket, though your pocket would have to be rather big. It can definitely fit in a bag, though, so you can bring it anywhere you go. The main appeal of the Sol is, really, to become that go-to party speaker. As far as buttons go, though, the Sol is pretty basic.

A Simple Design

You will find just five button options on the Sol: play/pause/answer & end call button; a volume up button; a volume down button; a mode/share lock; and a toggle for either multi or single user sharing. If you're wondering about battery options, you can charge the Sol's battery via micro USB.

Even though all of this sounds good, no speaker (wireless or otherwise) is worth its salt without amazing sound. So, how does the Sol stack up? Well, it depends on how loud you like it, really.

Sound Quality

The Sol was meant for partying, there's no getting around that fact. As a party speaker, the Sol was designed to get really loud. But, there's a price to pay for loud sound. Sometimes, the sound coming from the Sol can be slightly distorted if the volume is too high. So, it might be best to put this speaker mid-volume, or sacrifice some sound quality to wake up the neighbors.

One really odd thing about the Sol, though, is that you can't shut this speaker off completely while a song is playing. You can turn the volume all the way down, but you will still hear some sound. Strange, but not such a big deal if you don't mind that minor drawback. Five users can connect to the Sol via Bluetooth, as mentioned, and the user that hits 'Play' on his or her device first controls the music. So, yeah, you may have to argue with some friends if you are all yearning to sing a song out loud!

Where can you get the Sol? The Sol is available now through the Motorola website or through online distributors - but, I warn you, this speaker comes with a hefty price. To be the ultimate party thrower, you will have to shell out $199. Yep, that's kind of steep just to share music with friends.