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Innovation seems to be the motivation behind most Apple products. While not falling short where innovative concepts are concerned, Apple seems to have missed the mark when it comes to mice. Only one or two Apple mice compare to other mice that are highly compatible with Mac. In the end, the best mouse for Mac may not carry the Apple logo at all.

(Note: All prices are estimates at the time of this article’s writing.)

Apple Magic Mouse -- $65+
Apple’s Magic Mouse button-free design can seem magical at times. Magic Mouse includes Apple’s multi-touch technology, which eliminates the need for designated clicking areas. Instead, users can use the entire surface of the Magic Mouse as a point-and-click device. Swiping a finger across the mouse allows users to change from one browser page to the next. Likewise, moving a finger in a vertical motion acts as a scrolling movement. Apple’s “momentum” technology automatically senses a user’s speed, so there’s no need to adjust speed settings.

While the Magic Mouse performs most tasks well, some users may find that this sleek mouse is a tad slippery. Constantly swiping and dragging the button-less mouse may cause the mouse to move across a user’s desk. Aside from this small design flaw, the Magic Mouse is highly satisfying.

Logitech M555B Bluetooth Cordless Mouse -- $60
Logitech’s Bluetooth Cordless Mouse is a three-button mouse that works well with Mac. The one feature that stands out about Logitech’s bluetooth mouse is the “hyper-fast” feature. This feature allows you to send the mouse into hyper-drive by locking the scroll wheel. Once the wheel has been locked, the mouse will spin without hindrance allowing you to fly through long documents efficiently. Extra long battery life is another note-worthy feature of the Logitech M555B Mouse.

Razer Orochi Notebook Gaming Mouse -- $68
The Razer Orochi Gaming Mouse was meant to play, and it performs gaming tasks well. An original design makes this mouse comfortable to use for hours on end. While the mouse is capable of instant sensitivity adjustments and it does have an on-board memory, neither of these features will work with OS X. Still, the Orochi Gaming Mouse is extremely precise and very fast. While wireless, this mouse does come with a 3 foot USB cord and a micro-USB port. Since the Orochi mouse was designed for notebook use, it’s compact and lightweight.

Mac users may find the Orochi disappointing, since some of the features that make this mouse so great can’t be used on Mac. Yet, the accuracy and speed of this mouse are still well worth giving the Razer Orochi Notebook Gaming Mouse a try.

Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 -- $25+
Using a Microsoft product on a Mac may seem contradictory, but the Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 will quickly become your go-to mouse. This four-button mouse is comfortable, compact, and great when traveling. This mouse has been designed to conform to your hand in an ergonomic manner, which makes extended use comfortable. Any Mac that is equipped with Bluetooth will work well with the Microsoft mouse.