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  • Mouse Mingle: The Dating Site for Disney Fans
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You may have heard of Tinder (or might be using it), but I’m betting you haven’t heard of the latest dating site to gain mass press attention. The site is called ‘Mouse Mingle,’ and it’s aimed at helping people with a Disney World obsession find love. Sound crazy? Read on.

About Mouse Mingle

Do you crave all things Minnie? Can’t get enough princess costumes? Trek to Disney World every year no matter what the heat is like? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you’re probably Mouse Mingle’s ideal client. The site is free to use at first, but it will cost you $13 per month to send private messages. What’s the point? To find fellow Disney lovers, of course.

If you’re thinking that nobody could love Disney World so much as to go out of their way to find a mate that adores Mickey in the same way, you’d be wrong. There are entire fan clubs devoted to Disney World, and plenty of single people that would rather go to Disney World than anywhere else. These people need partners that feel the same way simply because it’s much easier to build a relationship with someone that has the same interests as you do.

The Brainchild

Who is behind Mouse Mingles? The man that founded the site was once an engineer at Disney. His name is Dave Tavres. When Tavres was working at Disney, he frequently thought about all the single women that visited the park, and how to help those women find a mate like him - someone that loved Disney just as much as he did, anyway.

With a bit of design skill, Mouse Mingles was born. The site lets you ask Disney questions of others, post information about yourself, and include details like how many times you’ve been on Splash Mountain. The idea is that someone will see your profile, agree with you on the best Disney characters, and then decide to send you a private message. From there, you can visit Disney World together.

A Niche Market

Mouse Mingles is a niche dating site to say the least. There aren’t a ton of people out there that would only date other people with the same particular interest. But, there are those people out there, and those people are loving what Mouse Mingle is all about.

If you are going to check out this site because you are a diehard Disney fan, there’s something that you should know about posting your profile picture - most people post photos in full costume. So, figure out what character represents you the best, rent a costume, and post your profile picture.

Mouse Mingles is not for the average Disney fan - you have to be a fanatic. If you’re tired of Tinder and all the other dating sites that aren’t working out for you, Mouse Mingles might be the one site that you have been waiting for.

As mentioned, it’s free to sign up for Mouse Mingles, and you can scope out all of the profile photos that you want while using the free membership. But if you want to send out a message to your Prince Charming, you’ll have to fork over that monthly membership fee - even Disney love doesn’t come for free. Mouse Mingles is up and running right now. If you’re a Disney fan, what do you have to lose?