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  • Want to Die in Game of Thrones? Here's Your Chance!
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R.R.Martin wants to kill you. Well, he wants you to donate $20,000 to a New Mexico wolf sanctuary, and then he’ll kill you in his next book. The author has offered to put two people that donate $20,000 to the sanctuary into his next book titled ‘A Song of Ice and Fire.’

The two chosen people will be made into characters that have a pivotal role in the book. At some point, Martin will then kill the two chosen people in a really gruesome manner, as he has promised fans.

Why? Why all the senseless killing?

The Reason Behind Martin’s Statement

The wolf sanctuary that Martin wants to donate the money to helps protect wild wolves, and this is a cause that Martin is passionate about. The sanctuary doesn’t have a lot of money to put towards this cause, but Martin’s fans do. Just one day after Martin’s announcement, two fans stepped forward and put up the $20,000 each to become a character in his next book.

The two fans got to choose from an array of characters ranging from master to slave, and both were promised a really dark and disturbing death – this pleased the fans immensely.

In addition to the two $20,000 prizes, Martin also offered up breakfast with the author for $15,000; $7500 will get you one of Martin’s hats; and some smaller prizes also exist (a t-shirt, some signed books, etc.).

Most of the larger prizes have already been given out, and that means a lot of extra money for Martin’s cause. Every person that donates to Martin’s cause will also be entered into a larger drawing for the grand prize. What’s the biggest prize? You’ll be flown out to Sante Fe to see the Wild Sprit wolf sanctuary and to hang out for the day with Martin – you can ask him all the Game of Thrones questions you want once you get there.

Plus, you’ll be able to see the wolves that this amazing sanctuary works with.

How to Enter and Donate

If you want to donate money to help out the wolf sanctuary (a really great cause), you can get a t-shirt or some smaller item for a lesser amount. The website to head to is www.prizeo.com, just look for Martin’s crowdfunding campaign (and see him play with wolves). The dire wolves in Game of Thrones are actually CGI (except for the wolves in the first season), but Martin has always had a love for wolves and he wants to help them by using your money to keep wolves safe – and you get something in return. What could be a better cause?

If you love Game of Thrones, you won’t be able to enter into the killing drawing any longer, but you can certainly buy some goods and have a chance at winning a day with Martin and his wolves. In some of the videos, Martin is petting a few of the wolves that have been rescued, and maybe you can too. Would you pay $20,000 or $15,000 for a chance to be in one of Martin’s books or to meet him in person?