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  • Mozilla Creates Junior: A Browser Just for iPads
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Mozilla has always been a creative company. Marching to the tune of its own drum, Mozilla aims to invent browsers that are unlike the rest. Recently, Mozilla announced that the company was going after the iPad browser market by creating a browser just for the iPad called Junior. At first look, Junior appears to be a browser unlike any other, but it’s also apparent that Junior will likely become the iPad user’s browser of choice.

Junior Makes Things Simpler

One of the hardest things about using a tablet browser (or even a smartphone browser, for that matter) is the navigation aspect. These devices are not like computers, so why should a tablet or smartphone browser act just like the one you use every day on your laptop or desktop? Mozilla seems to recognize this problematic question and the answer appears to be (for now) Junior.

Junior doesn’t look like a regular browser. Instead of the average browser set up, Junior includes three simple buttons: forward, backward, and a plus tab. As you might imagine, the forward and backward tabs will bring you forward or backward through recent searches. The Plus tab is a bit different. This tab will bring you to a list of recently searched sites, but these sites appear as colorful icons. Clicking on an icon will bring you directly to that site. Essentially, all of the sites that you frequent will be pre-loaded, so you don’t have to search for much.

One Additional Feature In the Works

Junior is still in testing mode, so you can’t try it out just yet. But, Mozilla has made a few announcements regarding Junior, and the company has mentioned a new feature that is in the works. The “Presence” feature will allow iPad users to communicate with friends and family members with the touch of a tab. How, exactly, the presence feature will work is not entirely clear at the moment, but it does look like an interesting feature from what I can gather.

When Will Junior Be Available?

Since Mozilla has just announced the Junior project, this usually means that the company is near finalizing the project. If you have an iPad and are tired of your existing browser, keep your eye on the Mozilla website for additional information. I’m guessing that Mozilla’s Junior will roll out within the next few months, but the company could work on this project until the fall or winter months, depending on how the project is progressing.

It’s great to note that Mozilla wants to tap into the iPad browser market. Right now, that market is largely overcrowded with the same old thing. Mozilla, it seems, wants to take iPad browsers in a different direction altogether, and that will certainly be a welcomed deviation from the norm. Right now though, folks, I’m afraid that you’ll have to hang onto your current iPad browser. The Mozilla team is fast at work in creation mode, though, so it won’t be long before your iPad browser stops looking and acting like your system browser – which really doesn’t make a lot of sense!