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  • Choosing an MP3 Player
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Playing music is simple. Playing music while engaging in other activities is a bit more complex. Computer operating systems, flash vs. hard drives, and MP3 size are all important considerations. MP3 players may all look alike, but it’s what’s underneath that sleek exterior that counts. Knowing what you expect to get out of an MP3 player will help you select the right one.

MP3 Player Types
Some MP3 players will make exercising fun. Other players will become your favorite driving companion. Of course, all of them were meant for listening to your top tunes. Knowing what type of MP3 player to look for will help you narrow down your search.
Flash-based MP3s: unlike hard drive MP3s, flash-based players are tough. Most of these players come with 1GB of storage, which is a good starting point. Whether your sport is tennis or equestrian, a flash-drive MP3 is ideal for any sport.
Hard-drive MP3s: durable and efficient, these players will get you from point A to B while you sing merrily along. Traveling with a hard-drive player is a wise idea, since these players frequently hold more songs than a flash-based player. You can also purchase an adapter that will make listening to tunes in your car easier.
Maximum GBs: with a player that has more than 160GB, there’s no need to narrow down your song selection. These powerful players are for the serious music lover who enjoys having a virtual library of music on-hand at all times.
LCD Screen Players: MP3 players that have LCD screens are great for watching videos. If you want a player that does it all, look for one that has a wide LCD screen.

Size Considerations
Some players are small enough to attach to your shirt collar. Others are large enough to view a television show on. The size of a player is largely based upon personal preference. Most people prefer a player that weighs no more than 5 ounces. Smaller players are excellent for jogging or other physical activities, since these players won’t get in your way. In general, players that have large LCD screens are more expensive than those that do not have any kind of screen.

Adding Music
All players come with compatible software that allows you to add music efficiently. Look for a software program that isn’t too costly. It is also a good idea to find out which programs have the most music options. While most programs have thousands of music options, some may have fewer options than others. You’ll also discover (by reading user reviews) that some programs are easier to adapt to.

Computer Compatibility
In the end, it all comes down to computer compatibility. Be aware that some MP3 players cannot be connected to a Mac computer. Other players can be connected to any kind of computer (including OS X, Linux, and Windows). Since you may purchase another computer, it’s a good idea to find an MP3 player that’s compatible with all operating systems.