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  • Best MP3 Players for Kids (2013 Edition)
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Your kid wants an MP3 player. Now what? Do you rush over to the Apple store and pick up the latest iPod? Or, do you look for a less expensive MP3 player that might still get the job done? There are a ton of MP3 players on the market. Some have definite advantages over others. Here’s a look at the best MP3 players for kids available today.

Apple’s iPod Lineup

I know, I know, Apple products are expensive. But, the Apple iPod is also a great buy. But, which one should you buy? If you’re buying an MP3 player as a gift for a kid you know, the iPod Shuffle is the least expensive, but any kid will love it. Plus, the Shuffle (like all iPods) comes in a number of pretty colors, and engravings are free. The Shuffle currently retails for around $60.

If you want to buy something for your teen or tween (otherwise, the expense isn’t really worth it), the iPod Touch is a great idea. The Touch provides your kids with a smartphone-like experience, plenty of fun things to do with the Touch, and your kid will look really cool toting this one around. Of course, the problem with the Touch is the price ($200+). To use an iPod device, you will have to have iTunes and pay for content, so keep this in mind.

SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip

SanDisk has been making MP3 players since the concept of a MP3 player came out. Many happy customers have purchased SanDisk Sansa players, and your kid will love what this MP3 player can do. The SanDisk doesn’t have all the frills of an iPod (or none at all), but it will play music. You can purchase a SanDisk Sansa for around $34 (starting price).

Samsung Galaxy Player

This Android-powered device isn’t cheap at $300+, but it is the best Apple competitor on the market. Still, Samsung isn’t quite up to par with Apple when it comes to MP3 devices. This is basically a Samsung phone with an older processor and software pack. For $300, though, you might want to take a closer look at the iPod Touch, which definitely provides more bang for the buck.

Should Your Kid Have An MP3 Player?

All the other kids on the playground have MP3 players, so what’s the harm in it? Some studies have shown that kids who are plugged into a MP3 player at all times have distraction problems when it comes to things like homework and school. So, make sure to set some strict rules if you are going to purchase a MP3 player for your kid. It’s also a great idea to make sure that you purchase excellent earbuds for your child that won’t bother her ears.

The earbuds that come with most MP3 players are less than spectacular (both sound and safety wise). Lastly, some studies show that MP3 players can interfere with certain medical devices, so keep this in mind if your child has a medical device turned on at all times (or ask your doctor). Otherwise, most kids will be ecstatic with a MP3 player gift. Just make sure to choose your MP3 player wisely!