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  • Apple, Amazon and Google Offer Big Savings on MP3s
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As the end of 2011 creeps ever closer, you may or may not be surprised to find yourself in a new, exciting time: the digital age. The early 2000's didn't have any flying cars, space cities, and regrettably, there were no robot maids as imagined on the Jetsons. Although we haven't fulfilled the futuristic visions of our grandparents, these are exciting times. Technology has allowed us to store our favorite movies, music, books and games on shiny, handheld computers.

Modern computer technology allows us not only to store, but share and enjoy hundreds of songs, movies and games from anywhere in the world. To celebrate the 2011 holiday season, and cash in on the ever-expanding digital market, three of the major digital music stores are offering big savings. No matter which brand you access your music from, you're sure to find holiday savings on some great, popular music. iTunes Store, Android Market and even Amazon have great holiday savings on their digital music selection.

iTunes is still one of the top places to buy, store and listen to digital music. Apple didn't invent MP3 players, but one could make a strong argument that they perfected them. If nothing else, Apple's iPod popularized the MP3 player, much to the dismay of record stores around the world. One of the downsides of the brand is that they tend to be one of the most expensive music marketplaces.

Although iTunes is offering holiday deals, the savings are not as impressive as their Amazon and Android competition. Apple may have an advantage in the quality of the savings, however. Instead of offering huge discounts on music that you'd likely never want to buy, iTunes has slashed prices of their top selling albums. All of iTune's Chart Toppers of 2011 are available for the low price of $7.99. This year's most popular albums include Mylo Xyloto, by Coldplay; 4, by Beyonce; and Born This Way, by Lady GaGa.

Amazon's Fuel Your Kindle Fire Deal is a holiday promotion, sweetening the pot for new Kindle owners. Although Amazon hasn't exactly stolen the market from iTunes, the online giant offers competitive prices. The Kindle is to digital books, what Apple's iPod is to digital music. The Kindle has a huge market of modern book lovers, who can now use their favorite eReader to buy, store and enjoy their favorite music. From now through January of 2012, Amazon is selling more than 1,000 albums for only $5 each, including every genre of music from rap to country to soundtracks.

The Android Market is the other major staple of the digital music industry. Google's Android Market has remained the primary alternative to the Apple brand in digital technology. Android users can also take advantage of holiday savings on their MP3 purchases. The Android Market is boasting millions of MP3s on sale for the holiday season. Over ten million tracks are available for $0.49 each, in addition to more than half a million albums on sale for only $4.99 each.