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  • Music Composition Software Review
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Creating music is a lot easier if your last name is Mozart. Even if you don’t have amazing musical skills, you can still create your own notes by using music composition software. These programs will help you put together any tune that’s inside of your head. The end result of using music notation, or composition, software is a sheet of music that’s unique.

MusicTime Deluxe -- $100+

Composing a piece of music is complicated enough. You don’t need a program that will further complicate matters. Music Time Deluxe does what many other music programs doesn’t: it makes creating a score easy to do. Within moments, you will be able to turn your keyboard into a piano, add notes to a virtual sheet, and create all kind of wonderful sounds. You can do all of this without any kind of help manual, though Music Time Deluxe does come with all the help you’ll need. The one drawback to this program is that it does not contain any guitar tabs. Otherwise, Music Time Deluxe is perfect.

Sibelius First 6 -- $120+

Sibelius First 6 is intelligent. This program was made for serious composers who don’t want to spend a large amount of time fussing with software. Use your keyboard to add notes to any sheet of music quickly and efficiently. Sibelius First 6 includes all kinds of useful features from a virtual piano to chord notations. You can also create notes that other users can read (in case you are collaborating with band members). If you’re new to music composition, this program will help you get started by offering a number of different score templates. Sibelius Fist 6 doesn’t include and downfalls or things to watch out for. If you want a simple program that will allow you to create any score, Sibelius First 6 is the right choice.

Music MasterWorks -- $30+

While Music MasterWorks can’t compare to higher priced software, this program does offer basic composition features. In addition, Music MasterWorks is easily affordable, which may be the main reason why this program is immensely popular around the world. Music MasterWorks will allow you to easily add notes to any score, use your keyboard as a virtual piano, and figure out how to arrange notes perfectly. What Music MasterWorks lacks is some, seemingly, basic editing tools. While not a perfect package, Music MasterWorks makes this list due to affordability.

Finale PrintMusic -- $80+

If you are shopping on a budget, consider Finale PrintMusic. This program offers up all of the best features that $100+ programs include; only Finale PrintMusic doesn’t have a virtual piano. The lack of a virtual piano may put some potential users off, but Finale PrintMusic does have many other things to offer. This program is user-friendly, packed with useful notation tools, and ready to roll right out of the box. There are lots of music composition software options out there, but this is the best option in the $80 price range.