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  • Great Music Apps for Kids
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Kids like music. It doesn’t matter how old your child is, there’s a good chance that they’re jamming to tunes in a Jolly Jumper or in the backseat of your car on the way to school - there’s just something about music that people love.

Aside from making your kids listen to the songs that you love on Spotify, are there any apps out there directly created for and aimed at giving access to music for kids?

As it turns out, there are music apps for kids. Plenty of them, in fact. But just like every other app, there are good music apps for kids and bad ones. If you’re looking for a great music app that your kids will love, take a look at these.

Music With Grandma

I’m not sure why this app has the name that it does (maybe grandmas are supposed to know about music?), but it goes above and beyond playing silly tunes for your kids to listen to. This app actually teaches kids about how to read music and recognize all kinds of things from notes to different types of music. If you’re looking for a music theory class in an app, this might be a good choice. Music With Grandma is available for iOS only at the time of this writing.


This app helps children differentiate between various types of instruments. Kids will hear the same songs played by different instruments, so they can learn to recognize the sounds that various instruments make. Klavier is available on iOS as well.

Perfect Piano

Have you always wanted your kids to learn how to play the piano but aren’t so keen on bringing them to lesson day after day? Perfect Piano teaches kids how to play the piano through an app. It’s fun, educational, and easy to use too. This app is great for any kid from toddler to teen. Perfect Piano is available on both Android and iOS.

Jungle Jam

Into jazz? Want your kids to be into jazz too? Well, Jungle Jam is the app for all things jazz related. This app was designed for preschool kids, but any kid that’s really into jazz will likely dig what Jungle Jam has to offer. Your kids will learn all about harmony, sound, and rhythm with this app. Available on iOS.


Ever wondered what the great classics sounded like when mooed or barked? This app lets kids play songs using animal noises - a great deal of fun for all kids! Your kids will get to know the classics, but they’ll get to play around with animal noises at the same time. You can find the Moozart app on iOS.

Picking an App

It’s said that kids shouldn’t get too much screen time, but if your kids are going to use apps, why not pick some that teach music education? There are a lot of other music apps for kids out there as well, but these are some of the best at the top of the list.