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  • Is A New YouTube Streaming Service Coming Soon?
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How would you feel about a subscription-based YouTube music service? One that's kind of like Spotify? Would you sign up for this type of service? Right now, those are hypothetical questions, but rumour has it that YouTube is currently working on creating such a music streaming service.

What YouTube's Music Streaming Service May Look Like

As you have probably come to expect with pretty much every streaming service available, YouTube will offer two options. The first would be a free subscription laced with those annoying advertisements we've all come to hate. The second would be a paid subscription service.

Since this would-be music streaming service is more about the music and less about the videos, would YouTube still offer music videos? Sources that have pointed to this news are assuring YouTube fans that videos aren't going anywhere. So, presumably, you could still view the YouTube videos that you love, and sign up for a YouTube music subscription service too.

YouTube's Official Response

In true candid corporate fashion, YouTube did not directly respond to these rumours. Instead, the company sent out a typical "we're always looking to expand our services..." email to press. That makes it hard to decide for sure whether or not YouTube is looking into streaming music. It would, however, make sense for the company to move in that direction.

The question now is: how much would it cost to join a YouTube-based music streaming service? Further, would YouTube work on the already implemented song and video suggestions that the site presents? YouTube currently suggests new videos based on what users have recently listened to. This is a service that many people love, and it's one way for YouTube to entice new users. If the company can find a way to perfect those suggestions, many might sign up for a subscription service.

The Google Factor

Let's not forget, too, that Google has recently purchased YouTube. Might that make a difference where the streaming service is headed? Possibly. There's one more thing to consider too: Spotify is slowly dying. The whole mess that Spotify got into a few months ago with artists was enough to turn a lot of people away from the service.

Any streaming service that doesn't have the support of artists won't get the support of most people either. So, it's the perfect time for a company like YouTube to pounce. Right now, everything is set up for YouTube to make the leap to a streaming service. It's just a matter of time now before the company makes an official announcement, and lets he world know how YouTube services will be priced.

What Are Your Thoughts?

What do you think about this possible YouTube venture? Would you sign up for a YouTube streaming service? Or, are you still a happy Spotify fan? Other fan? Let us know what streaming service you enjoy most - and let me know whether or not you fear for the demise of the humble YouTube music video! Let's hope that those videos remain the same...