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Throughout the past few years, a large number of PC users have been persuaded by Apple. Blame it on the multi-million dollar advertising campaigns or the introduction of the iPad. You can also blame it on the general “cool” factor that seems to float around all MAC users. Whatever your reasons may be, if you’ve just switched to MAC, you may be wondering what to do with your new tool.

Well, there are a multitude of things that you can do with your new MAC. But first, you’ll want to make sure that your new toy is outfitted with all the best programs. MACs come loaded with a number of interesting tools and programs, but a MAC is not a PC. If you want your MAC to masquerade as a PC, you’ll need to purchase some additional programs.

Below, you’ll find some of the best MAC programs available. Please note that the prices included in this article were approximate at the time of this writing, and that prices may have changed.

Cocktail -- $15+

There are tons of things happening inside of your MAC right now. Your system is constantly at work trying to run smoothly for you. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to check up on the inner-workings of a MAC. To do this, you have two options. The first option is to manually look through everything inside of your MAC (a great option if you’re an engineer). The second option is to use Cocktail.

Cocktail keeps you notified of all things happening with your MAC. Cocktail will let you know what state your drives are in, you’ll find out if anything needs to be repaired, and you’ll get an overall feel of the many things that your MAC is going through. This program is a necessity for you if you enjoy taking a hands-on approach to keeping your MAC running smoothly.

Microsoft Office For MAC -- $140+

If you’re used to Office applications, you’ll want to purchase Microsoft Office for MAC. This program will allow you to use all of those tools that you’re familiar with. While there are other Office-like options available, it will be a lot easier to adapt to your new MAC if you use the old Microsoft Office tools. Of course, as with most things that come with the Office logo, you’ll have to pay for this program. However, the cost of Microsoft Office for MAC is well worth it for most people.

Adium – $20

If you love to chat, Adium is one program that you must add to your new MAC. While MACs already come with iChat, Adium is far superior to the iChat program. Unlike iChat, Adium allows you to use Facebook chat, Yahoo chat, Google chat, AIM chat, MSN chat, and others. In short, Adium is all you need to chat with all of your contacts in one spot. Of course, you’ll have to decide whether or not the cost of Adium is worth it. For some, iChat may be all that’s needed. For others, Adium is hard to live without.