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Sharing CAD files isn't hard to do. There are plenty of CAD sharing services and site available from Sunglass to GrabCAD. There's always room for competition, though, that's how things evolve. A company called MyCadbox has just elbowed its way into the CAD sharing sphere. Best described as a cloud-based Dropbox-esque CAD file sharing service, MyCadbox is bound to get a lot of attention.

How MyCadbox Works

The first thing to note is that MyCadbox is a dedicated desktop and mobile app. No web apps here. The company has decided to move in the desktop and mobile direction in lieu of the web app because of the size and shape of 3D models. Typically, these models tend to be quite large in size, and (according to the company's manifesto) are best viewed on a desktop or through a mobile application. So, no web app.

If you've used Dropbox, you can imagine how MyCadbox works - heck, if you've used GrabCAD, you can picture how MyCadbox works. Simply drop files into a shared folder for sharing, commenting, and project collaboration. The difference with MyCadbox is, again, the fact that it's not browser-based as other competitor companies are.

Searching Made Easier

MyCadbox also does searching differently than its main competitors. The company has created something that they like to refer to as an 'Evernote-type' search. This means that you can search for a file using keywords, dates, and other criteria. If you are familiar with Evernote, you will quickly grasp how this search works. Basically, MyCadbox has combined the best of Dropbox and Evernote into one handy cloud-based CAD sharing system that lots of CAD designers are going to love. So, how can you access MyCadbox?

Getting Your Hands on MyCadbox

MyCadbox has been operating in Beta since this past March, though largely in secret. Now that MyCadbox has come to light, the company is offering the service for $9.99 per month. Right now, CAD files can only be shared with one person at a time, but the MyCadbox team is working on a group model (this should be arriving this summer).

MyCadbox certainly sounds promising, and the whole desktop vs. web app decision will be an interesting one to explore. The team behind this desktop app has clearly put a lot of time into details and features, which should make MyCadbox appealing to all kinds of CAD users. This tool will also help to make design projects more efficient.

Funding and Other Details

The MyCadbox team has some strong believers behind it - the company has already raised more than 3 million Euros in funding from a number of venture companies. Combining cloud-based technology with a project management-type system for CAD seems to be something that people will want (and backers will back).

For additional details about MyCadbox, make sure to check out the company's website. There are a lot of CAD sharing programs out there, it's true, but none of them operate in quite the same way that MyCadbox aims to - and that could make all the difference.