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If you aren’t currently using a trackpad, you may understand the frustration associated with a regular old mouse. Mice can be cumbersome, difficult to use, and can even cause hand and finger strain if used too frequently. For years now, manufacturers have been trying to create mice that are superior to the original mouse shape. Recently, a new mouse called the MyCestro 3D has begun to take the computer world by storm.

So, what’s different about this mouse? Well, the shape for one thing. For another, the MyCestro 3D doesn’t sit on your desk or reside anywhere near your keyboard. This mouse is shaped like a ring and it sits securely on your index finger. That’s right, the MyCestro 3D mouse can be worn just like a ring.

How the MyCestro 3D Mouse Works

The MyCestro mouse has three different buttons on the side of the mouse. This touch-sensitive side will help you to control most things happening on your screen. Amazingly, this mouse can be worn and used far enough away from your screen that you don’t really need to be aiming your finger at your computer screen at all to use it. The responsiveness that this mouse provides is top-notch as well.

During tests, reviewers have found the MyCestro mouse to be highly sensitive. Sensitivity is a positive thing when it comes to mice that you can wear. Not only is this mouse highly sensitive, it is also a very easy moue to pack away no matter where you are going.

In short, if you travel a lot, are tired of large and annoying mice, and don’t like working with a trackpad, you may want to check out the MyCestro 3D mouse. Sure, this isn’t your typical mouse, but why would you want something ordinary when you can experience the next best thing in the mouse world?

Other Uses for MyCestro

There’s no doubt that this mouse will make controlling all on-screen details easier, but that’s not all you can do with MyCestro. If you happen to have any touchscreens inside of your car, you can use this mouse to control those devices too. Just think: you can use your GPS, control your stereo, and do all kinds of other things without actually stopping or swerving to look at a screen.

Then again, attempting to control a mouse while driving may be difficult. If you are going to use this mouse to control anything inside of a moving vehicle, I recommend that you take the time to become very familiar with the MyCestro before you decide to use it. This way, you will know exactly how the mouse works from the start.

Availability and Pricing

Interestingly, pricing and availability for this mouse have not been announced. Although it is clear that this mouse is ready to hit store shelves (which stores, however, is not certain), the company that has created MyCestro has not released any really important details.

You can, however, head to the main website for the MyCestro mouse and check out some videos that will help you to understand how this mouse works. If you want more information about obtaining a MyCestro mouse, you can attempt to contact the manufacturer directly. Surely, this company wants to sell a few of these wearable mice, right?