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What do you do with piles of receipts, papers, and business cards? If you’re like most people, you try to keep these things as neatly organized as possible. Unfortunately, trying to keep stacks of tiny papers in neat piles is difficult. Most of us wind up losing papers, misplacing cards, and forgetting important files.

The NeatDesk Scanner aims to change all of this. This scanner can scan any document or card while also storing all information neatly. It also comes with some very helpful features and a price tag that’s not all that bad once you consider all that the NeatDesk Scanner can do. If you’re in the market for a scanner that does it all, the NeatDesk might be the one that you’ve been looking for.

NeatDesk Features

NeatDesk can scan small receipts, business cards of all sizes, and papers of any kind. Once scanned, these items are filed and organized. You can view all scanned items on your screen simply and efficiently in PDF form. In short, you can toss all of those lose papers and just use your NeatDesk scanner to store all the information you need.

Unlike some scanners on the current market, it is possible to adjust the NeatDesk scanner to accommodate any paper of any size. This is a nice feature, since some papers don’t fit into a traditional scanner tray. Using NeatDesk is also simple, and setting up this scanner is a breeze. In my book, NeatDesk gets an A+ rating for user-friendliness.

Size and Style

The way that a scanner looks may seem superficial, but some scanners are truly bulky beasts. The NeatDesk is slim and compact, which makes it perfect for sitting on the side of your desk (if you have a large desk, that is). If not, you can place this scanner neatly on a side table. Either way, the NeatDesk scanner is slick enough to include in your home office space.

Another thing worth pointing out is that this scanner is fast. When I say fast, I mean quicker than almost any other scanner on the market. This is a great thing, since scanning papers can seem like tedious work, and who wants to be stuck scanning for hours on end? With the NeatDesk, you’re in and out in minutes. That said, there are a couple of drawbacks.

Some Slight Problems

The first noted problem is that this scanner doesn’t always recognize certain type. Due to this glitch, some notes and papers may come out jumbled. You may also want to type up any handwritten cards or receipts if your handwriting (or someone else’s) is not top-notch. Once scanned, you can look at a document to see whether or not the information scanned is accurate.

Another problem (and this happens with most printers) is that the some papers may become jammed in the scanner. When this happens, taking papers out of the scanner and re-scanning these items is not difficult. These things are minor, but it’s worth knowing what the NeatDesk has problems with before you shell out $400. All in all, this scanner seems to be one of the best on the market, and it’s certainly an optimal way to store all of those cards and receipts.