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  • Is a Netbook Right for You?
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Netbooks were once novelty items. Those days are long gone. Netbook manufacturers have seen a rise in the sale of these miniature laptops across the board. As it turns out, consumers are now purchasing netbooks as a sort of laptop or desktop computer companion. When a laptop proves too big to lug around, a netbook will work for most mobile tasks. Even though a netbook may not be an ideal everyday work tool, these compact computers may be the answer you’re looking for.

Netbook Basics
Netbooks are fairly standard across the board. Most of these computers have a 7 to 10 inch display screen, 1GB of RAM, basic graphics capabilities, and a storage drive. Price-wise, basic netbooks start at $200. The more that’s included in a netbook package, the higher the price becomes.

Since netbooks aren’t powerhouses by any means, some of these computers run Linux. Higher-end netbooks that come equipped with Windows are better suited for Windows enthusiasts. Typically, an inexpensive netbook will have a tough time running a Windows program, which may be something that you’ll want to consider before deciding upon a netbook.

What Netbooks Are Lacking
Inserting a CD into a netbook is a challenge, since most netbooks don’t come with an optical drive. You can get around this problem by purchasing an exterior drive, though this isn’t always practical if you plan on using your netbook while traveling. It is also possible to rely on USB sticks, since most netbooks have a number of USB ports.
The size of a netbook may be a selling point, but you may find the smaller keyboard, trackpad, and screen frustrating at times. Netbooks are also lacking when it comes to power, but that’s to be expected with a smaller computer that’s main purpose is allowing users to network.

Who Should Use a Netbook
Think of a netbook as somewhere between an iPad and a smartphone. A netbook will allow you to access social network sites, type documents, and surf the web. You’ll also be able to play basic games and watch some smaller videos. Netbooks come with long-lasting batteries, batteries capabilities, and Bluetooth.
Netbooks aren’t capable of storing large files, and you won’t be able to edit images or watch high definition videos on a netbook. If you intend on doing anything more than typing documents and surfing the net, a netbook is probably not your best option. If you want a simple computer that’s lightweight and relatively efficient, a netbook may be an affordable computer option.
Due to the high demand of netbooks, some manufacturers have begun creating laptops disguised as netbooks. These so-called netbooks have larger screens than their ancestors, and they also have bigger hard disks and much better processors. As a result, these netbooks can run Windows efficiently – a big bonus if you are used to Windows. This new breed of netbook will cost you more than a basic netbook, though not as much as a laptop.