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  • Netflix + Cable: The Perfect Match?
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If there’s one thing that cable companies currently fear, it’s streaming companies. Already, plenty of consumers have given up that pricey cable bill for a slicker and less expensive cable box. Now, rumor has it that Netflix might be the first company to team up with a cable distributor near you. In fact, it’s more than a rumor, since Netflix isn’t shying away from press when asked about the possible future cable partnerships.

When will all of this happen and how will Netflix appear on your screen? The exact details haven’t been reported on quite yet, but it is certain that Netflix is already in talks with certain cable companies (names left unseen at the time of this writing). Speculation-wise, there are a few things that can be deducted from the new Netflix plus cable mash up.

Possible Ways to Integrate

There are a few possible ways that Netflix could integrate with your cable provider. The first is some kind of Netflix option (or app) that could be chosen when selecting on demand viewing. This would work much in the same way that you currently choose “HBO” or other channels. This option would mean that you could pay for a Netflix rental per choice, though a membership of the monthly kind is also a consideration.

Some cable companies may decide to offer a Netflix streaming package. If this happens, the pricing for this type of package would have to be much lower than current cable and streaming options or it just wouldn’t make any sense. Lastly, there’s the possibility that some cable companies might not offer any option, and you’ll just have to pay for the availability of Netflix on your monthly bill (not a wise option at all, but an option all the same).

Is Teaming Up with Netflix a Bad Move?

While it does make sense for many cable companies to team up with a streaming company (if you can’t beat ‘˜em, join ‘˜em), making Netflix that target partner might not be the best move. Throughout the past few months, Netflix hasn’t gained too many fans with its on-again-off-again pricing. In fact, the company has lost some of its earlier customers, and others are still mad and wouldn’t consider a Netflix account. Then there’s the content problem.

Netflix doesn’t have the widest selection of movies available. Many subscribers have also complained that the company very rarely has newer titles available. This problem gets even worse in Canada where Netflix content is laughable (though, to be fair, this isn’t entirely Netflix’s fault). So, what would a Netflix plus cable company partnership mean? More titles and better overall content or the same old thing? Of course, all of this has not yet been figured out by either those cable companies seeking a Netflix partnership or by Netflix (at least not publically). Still, it will be curious to see how streaming integrates with cable in the months to come. If Netflix teams up with a cable company in your town, will you subscribe?