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  • Netflix Caters to Children
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Kids like cartoons. Kids also watch a lot of television and tend to be addicted to movies. Now that devices such as the iPad exist, watching movies, cartoons, and television shows is easier than it ever has been before. Perhaps that’s why most kinds know how to surf the Internet by age eight, and many kids have no problem operating an iPhone or iPad.

Companies that create electronic devices and sell programming to children know what kids want.Companies like Netflix understand what a large and lucrative market the children’s market is. That’s why it makes perfect sense for Netflix to tap into this market by making the streaming service easier for kids to access.

Quick Accessibility

Handing a child an iPad equipped with Netflix is now a fast way to ease any tears. Netflix has recently rolled out a new interface that includes child-friendly content. This interface (currently being tested by select Netflix users) includes children’s programming that’s easy for kids to access.

By selecting the “Just for Kids” feature when using Netflix, kids can access a wide world of kid-friendly content. Kids can then choose to watch a movie instantly or watch a preview of a movie while browsing through content. Within moments, a restless kid in the back of a car on the way to grandma’s house can be quieted with the latest installment of Sponge Bob Squarepants.

A Wise Netflix Move

Portable DVD players are the one thing that most parents purchase. Why? These devices can keep kids entertained for hours on end. Those parents who haven’t purchased a portable DVD player tend to purchase cars that have DVD players built-into backseats. The same logic applies: if a parent can keep a kid busy for hours, children won’t whine and complain while shopping, driving, or participating in any other activity.

Car trips and grocery store excursions have come a long way from entertainment through road games. Now, parents can simply plunk a DVD player, iPad, or other device in front of a kid, and the whole trip becomes a lot easier. If Netflix is successful with its new interface, parents everywhere (it’s safe to assume) will want to start using the Netflix service. This Netflix move may even make up for the recent fee hikes that Netflix users woke up to one morning just a few weeks ago.

Interface Availability

Netflix isn’t allowing users to sign up for the new children’s interface option. Instead, select Netflix users are being contacted by the company. Presumably, Netflix knows that these users have children, watching a lot of children’s programming, and would be interested in streaming children’s movies. Even though various review sites have attempted to gain commentary from Netflix, the company is not releasing any additional information about this new interface.

However, one can assume that (if successful) the interface will be available to all Netflix users within the near future. As it stands, many children today already want an iPad, so that they can be entertained while driving long distance. Asking Santa for a Netflix account may be what the future holds for parents everywhere.