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Got Netflix? On January 1st, the company will get rid of some content for good. The list is large and vast, but some shows you may want to save from the Netflix library include Mr. Bean, Kids in the Hall, the 2000 episodes of Saturday Night Live, and various others.

The movie list is much larger, but that list includes some classics like 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,' 'Braveheart,' 'Requiem for a Dream,' and many, many, others.

To see the complete list, make sure to call Netflix and ask (or check out the company's site - I'm sure they've posted the entire purged list by now). Why is Netflix getting rid of some content for good? It all has to do with expenses.

Licensing Is Expensive

Netflix has to pay production companies for the rights to certain TV shows and movies. Keeping less popular shows and movies in the Netflix lineup equals a lot of money spent for nothing. So, it makes good sense that Netflix would try to save some dollars by chopping content that nobody watches, right?

But, don't worry too much. When Netflix gets rid of that massive lineup of movies and shows, the company will replace what's tossed with new stuff - better stuff, I hope. It's all set to happen on January 1st, so get ready to see a lot less of some movies and shows in your Netflix lineup. If you want to see something that's about to get chopped (Titanic, anyone?), record it now.

Equality Makes Sense

More likely than not, Netflix will replace lost content with something else that fits that specific genre. For example: you may lose Braveheart but gain another really bad Mel Gibson film in return. Or, that series that you never watch may be replaced with something else that fits the specific genre. It's all about balancing things out to keep viewers happy.

Netflix hasn't stated yet when the new content will appear, but you can pretty much expect new items to pop up when older items are removed, and that would mean January 1st for all. Then again, Netflix may just cut a bunch of movies and TV shows on January 1st and not bother replacing things until well into the new year.

The Details

Also, the purging will start on the first of January, but it will continue throughout the month of January as the company decides what content is not longer viewed or important (while negotiating new contracts and permissions).

It's not likely that you will miss most of what Netflix is getting rid of if you watch what the masses watch. If you have a thing for Kevin Smith classics, for example, you may find your Netflix queue a lot lighter come the first of January.

What do you think of Netflix cutting all of those movies and shows from the lineup? Is this necessary or downright annoying? If you have Netflix, will the changes make a difference to you? Are you going to keep the service? Let me know what your thoughts are!