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  • Netflix for Kids Xbox App
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Netflix really understands kids. The streaming company released Netflix for Kids last year, and the service has been wildly popular. Now, Netflix has teamed up with Xbox to bring Netflix for Kids to the console. The new Netflix for Kids app is sure to be a huge hit with kids everywhere. What makes this kid service so special? It’s all in the way that Netflix caters to kids. If you have kids, here’s why you will want the Netflix for Kids Xbox app.

Such A Simple Way to Search

Kids have short attention spans. This is something that Netflix understands. So, instead of asking kids to search for a show by name or description, Netflix for Kids lets kids look for a show according to characters. When a kid recognizes a character, they can simply click on that character for show details. How ingenious is that? See? Searching made simpler. Microsoft is delighted to team up with Netflix too, since this means that the Xbox will become even more of a home staple.

Not So Much a Console Anymore

While Xbox was once a gaming console, solely, this isn’t the case any longer. Various consoles have turned into streaming devices, and it looks like Xbox is going that route. Xbox now has a lot of available content that users can tap into, and the Netflix For Kids app will likely be just as popular as other available Xbox apps. Kids can search via character and find something to watch in an instant. What could be better for parents?

The new Netflix For Kids app via Xbox will be available today. If you have an Xbox make sure to check out this app. Netflix For Kids has been wildly popular with other consoles and Apple TV, and it’s sure to be a massive Xbox hit as well. If you want to find out more about Netflix For Kids, make sure to visit the Netflix website. Essentially, this channel broadcasts all of those popular kids shows that are sure to drive parents nuts. But, hey, your kids will be happy!

Is Netflix For Kids Available In Canada?

For once, Netflix For Kids is available in Canada. The content that this Canadian Netflix channel shows is different, however, than what’s shown in the U.S. But, you can still plop your kids in front of the TV and let them enjoy all the cartoons they can handle through Netflix. The interface and setup is roughly the same, though Netflix is notorious for having a lot fewer options in the Great North.

It’s interesting to note how gaming consoles have become media centers. While once the norm for, you know, games, these consoles are now broadcasting all kinds of media. Companies like Sony and Microsoft gained a lot of slack for turning to media, but these gaming companies also have very little choice. Gaming consoles, as they once were, are slowing dying out. In the meantime, options like Netflix for Kids have taken their place.