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  • This MIght Be Why Your Netflix is Slow
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Loading, loading, loading...this is the word that you will see when your Netflix starts to slow down. Unfortunately, Netflix slowdown happens more often than not. Lately, Netflix users have complained that shows take a really long time to load. Many thought that this problem was the company's fault. But, something else might be happening.

The Verizon/Netflix Fight

As it turns out, Netflix is having some trouble with Verizon (and has been for awhile). Nearly 30% of all broadband Internet traffic comes from Netflix streaming. That's a lot of traffic. A lot of traffic that some company has to deal with. That company is traffic transit provider, Cogent. Netflix has been working with Cogent to handle the major streaming while also working on a Netflix network called 'Open Connect.'

Netflix has been asking ISP's like Verizon to use Open Connect. So far, a number of companies including Bell Canada, Googlefiber, and Cablevision have already signed up to use Open Connect - but Verizon will not do so. Speculatively, some reports suggest that Verizon's refusal to join Open Connect is effectively slowing down Netflix streaming. Verizon denies these claims, but the company won't state why it won't join Open Connect.

Verizon's Own Dollars

According to a recent Mashable report, Verizon tends to place the blame on Cogent, and not on its own network, because of the stake that Verizon has in a company called Redbox. Redbox was meant to bring Netflix-like streaming content to users, but the service is currently only offering movies.

Again, Verizon clearly denies that the company is responsible for slowing down your Netflix. But, is there any truth to these claims? Could Verizon's stance against Netflix's Open Connect service be the reason why you can't stream efficiently? It all seems very conspiracy theory to this writer.

Some Propaganda?

Let's look at the facts here, for a moment. A report went out yesterday on a tech blog that Verizon was responsible for slowing down Netflix.

The reasoning behind this is that Verizon won't join Netflix's service, and Cogent states that this is because of Verizon's own interests. So, let's blame the smaller company with the smaller streaming service for taking down massive Netflix. Which company do you think the general public will side with?

Then again, this could all be true. Either way, your Netflix is slow, and this is likely due to the fact that there's so much streaming demand (and, frankly, it's hard to keep up with). Is Verizon to blame? It is Netflix? Cogent? Another company? And, what's happening with Verizon's Redbox? Do you have any thoughts on the matter? If you use Netflix and are tired of seeing that "loading" sign, why not let us know what you think?

For now, Netflix remains slow at times, and that's just something that Netflix users are going to have to deal with in order to use the service. When all of that traffic is finally sorted out, the service may begin to run smoothly again. Or not. Comments?