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  • Netflix Releases Speed App
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While widely accepted and loved by Netflix subscribers, the company’s speed testing site fast.com wasn’t widely publicized elsewhere. But fast.com works for everyone whether or not you subscribe to Netflix. What the site does it allow you test your internet speeds in an unbiased manner. Something that everyone should do once in awhile.

Now Netflix has come out with an app version of fast.com. This app works for iOS and Android and functions just as simply as the Netflix version. Fast.com is what you’ll want to download if you have questions about your internet speed.

What the New App Does

Fast.com pulls speeds from Netflix’s servers that work in the background to test your internet speed. These tests are performed relatively quickly and work well to make sure that your internet speed is functioning at its best. The apps also come with a quick refresh button so you can check speeds if you switch internet connections too.

The app is free to download whether or not you subscribe to Netflix. So what does the company get out of this app? Netflix is in the business of making sure that people have fast enough speeds to fun Netflix. So it makes sense that the company would want to provide people with a fast and simple way to test those speeds. Netflix also gets to show the world that the company provides free apps - and that’s useful too.

Downloading the App

Netflix has posted a long and detailed explanation of how this app works on its website, so if you’re curious about the details make sure to check the Netflix blog. Otherwise, all you need to know is that this app works quickly and because Netflix wants you to have optimum speed - you’ll be able to find out what your internet is really functioning at.

This brings up the question, are those speed tests that internet companies use really accurate? Can they be trusted? That remains to be seen, but Netflix feels that its own app works better at achieving the testing goal. The company has also stated that fast.com and the app will continuously be updated to provide people with the most testing capabilities.

More Things Coming?

It’s hard to determine what else can be done with a speed app of this kind, but Netflix has stated that the app will have additional updates in the future. The company has told press and the people to stay tuned for more information. So what Netflix has in store for the app (or whether it will include some paid details?) remains to be seen.

Netflix will also provide some more details about how this app works (and possibly about how other apps do not or what to look for in a speed testing app) in the near future. Right now, you can download the apps on either iOS or Android and see what kinds of speeds you’re really getting from your internet provider. If you can’t stream Netflix that well, it could be your speeds.