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  • Netflix Super HD: Now Available to All
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Got Netflix? Well, now you have access to the company's Super HD videos too. Previously, only those Netflix customers with a certain ISP (Internet Service Providers) could access the Super HD videos and shows. Now, Netflix is letting all customers access these options.

What Is Super HD?

Great! You now have access to Netflix's Super HD shows and videos. What is Super HD? To put it plainly, Super HD was designed to work with 1080p HDTVs. This type of HD has been developed to provide users with a better overall viewing experience - one that's suppose to boggle the mind with amazing imagery.

In short, your videos and shows will look better than they did before. When Netflix first rolled out this feature a few months ago, it seemed as though the company might charge certain users to take advantage of the Super HD option. But, now, that option is free for all.

Some Restrictions

Right now, Netflix's Super HD feature is only available in the United States. That's not to say that the feature won't become available throughout the rest of the Netflix world, but it's just in the U.S. at the time of this writing. Netflix is already listing some 3D titles that will shine with the new Super HD option, and you can find those titles in your Netflix lineup.

The other drawback is that you must be streaming Netflix from certain devices in order to access that Super HD. Devices that are compatible with Netflix's Super HD options include Wii U, Sony PlayStation 3, Apple TV, Roku, and Windows 8 computers (no 360, Netflix?). If you have any of these devices, you can access the Super HD option - but you can't get Super HD without one of these devices, so keep this in mind.

Does It Really Look Different?

Is Super HD all that it has been hyped up to be? If you watch, for example, a show on Fox, and then watch that same show through your Netflix Super HD option, you will see a dramatic difference. Colors look deeper and brighter, and overall pictures are clearer. That's why the Netflix world is going nuts over Super HD right now, and it's also why Netflix has decided to open up this option to all subscribers.

It would be better if users did not have to have one of the devices listed above in order to access Super HD, but that's how this cookie crumbles for now. So, go out and buy a Roku box or an Apple TV, and test out the Super HD options. You'll soon see why TV is better in Super HD.

Have you checked out Netflix's Super HD shows? What do you think? Is this feature amazing, or could you care less? For now, Netflix Super HD options remain free - let's hope that this non-pricing lasts! And, for the record, there's no 4K streaming option yet (though rumor has it that Netflix is working on this, so you may see it soon!).