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  • New Netflix User Profiles
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If you have a Netflix subscription, you've probably come across this common problem: you log into your account to watch 'Pretty In Pink,' but your filters are now suggesting that you watch 'Die Hard'. What happened? Someone else in your home logged into your account, chose a movie in line with their preferences, and now Netflix is suggesting that you watch movies you'd never look at twice.

This is a frustrating scenario, to say the least. What can be done about it? Until now, nothing. But, Netflix is finally realizing that this is an issue. The company will now start offering separate profiles for the same account. So, you can watch what you want to see, and your significant other can log into a completely separate account to watch something else - without impacting how your suggestions are filtered. Great, right?

Netflix Wins Here Too

Not only will the new separate profile options be helpful for Netflix subscribers living with other people, but Netflix wins with this new feature too. Previously, Netflix could only gather user preferences for one user (the rest was just a mix of what everyone else in a household was watching). Now, the company can gather users preferences one-by-one.

Netflix can now determine that your kids like to watch 'Bob the Builder,' and you like to watch action flicks. Being able to gather this kind of consumer information is priceless. Netflix can use these details to make better recommendations to new subscribers while attracting new business.

Back to Basics?

At the very beginning, Netflix had separate user profiles. However, this option didn't last very long. Why Netflix got rid of the user profiles is unclear, but now that the company has brought the option back, it's bound to be a popular one. How difficult will it be to switch user profiles?

Netflix reps have stated that switching between profiles will be simple enough. This feature has been developed to make viewing easier, so it's hard to imagine that moving between profiles will be tough by any means. The idea is to log into a Netflix account, switch profiles, and see recommendations that have been tailored specifically for you - all without paying for a separate account.

New to Netflix?

If you're new to Netflix, you can sign up for the service on the Netflix website. You can also sign up for Netflix directly from your Apple TV, if you happen to have one. Now that Netflix has created separate user profiles, this streaming service is going to be tough to beat. What do you think of Netflix's new profile options? Is this a problem you're happy to see Netflix solve?

It's always great to see companies like Netflix innovate. Improving user experience is what companies should be doing regularly, and Netflix is finally starting to listen to what users want - like more content in Canada, please. For now, though, I'll settle for separate user accounts, so that my recommendations from Netflix actually make sense to me. What do you think?