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  • Netflix Vs. Hulu Plus: Where To Spend Your Money
Technology Articles > Entertainment > Movies > Netflix Vs. Hulu Plus: Where To Spend Your Money

There are countless ways that technology renders previous breakthroughs obsolete, which is precisely what is happening with web-based services that offer TV shows and movies to the public. Many people no longer need their cable subscriptions, they can pay less and choose from a variety of programming at their fingertips. As the market booms, more companies are emerging. I'm going to tell you where you should spend your money and analyze two of the most popular services available today; Hulu Plus and Netiflix.

Hulu Plus is an upgraded high definition version of the original free Hulu service and has a broader selection of content to choose from. In addition, Hulu Plus offers a larger device compatibility than before, allowing you to access content from a slew of technological devices such as iPhone, iPad, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. You are able to watch 2000+ shows seasons in their entirety as well as choose from a large selection of movies. Users appreciate the immediate availability of programs that have just aired, where other providers do not offer that indulgence. Drawbacks include lack of cable network content, news and sports. It would also seem that users are unhappy with the lack of subscriber benefits. Hulu Plus subscribers pay $9.99 per month.

Netflix is known for it’s commendable selection, with over 20,000 choices available to subscribers. Netflix supports more devices than any other competing service out there. Netflix covers devices no one else does, such as 7 Internet-enabled Blu-ray players; 3 HDTVS; the TiVo digital video recorder; as well as 3 set-top boxes. Netflix will also mail movies right to your door, an extreme convenience for most. Not all Netflix offerings are available in HD and this is seen as a drawback, as well as the fact that you cannot see current seasons on TV shows. Subscribers generally pay $9 per month for Netflix service.

Overall, it would appear that Netflix is the better service of the two, which various customer reviews would support. Many users felt as though Netflix did an adequate job of replacing their regular cable provider, whereas Hulu Plus lacked in many crucial areas. Netflix is cheaper, more user-friendly, and more developed. Netflix has a higher customer satisfaction rating, but there are still many people please with their Hulu Plus service. However, it deserves to be noted that Netflix has been around longer and Hulu is considerably new- Hulu Plus may yet surprise the world.