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  • Three Things Sure to Make Your Network Insecure
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Most network breaches can be avoided. A keen understanding of network security basics is what’s needed to prevent any kind of hack. Surprisingly, these basics are quite simple to comprehend. Sadly, most people skip right over these fundamentals and head straight for more complex matters by focusing on infrastructure and technology. Really, though, these basic steps will ensure that your network remains secure.

Number One: Assuming Users Understand Network Security

Many companies focus on technology when it comes to security. But, behind any kind of technology is a person. If you run a large office, it’s more than one person. If hundreds of people are using a network, the level of security you need will increase. If just a handful of those people understand network security, you will likely be looking at a network hack.

Training staff members when it comes to secure network measures is the most basic step. Yet, it is a step that is often disregarded. A few hours of employee training will prevent any intentional or unintentional network tampering. Don’t assume that your network users understand network security measures. Make sure that these measures are understood and utilized.

Number Two: Neglecting to Patch When Necessary

Updates: annoying and bothersome things. Only, updates are necessary. No, wait, updates are not just necessary, they are the lifeblood of any secure and stable network. Ignoring an available patch means leaving your network vulnerable. More often than not, companies ignore available patches simply because patching can be time consuming.

Just as you should update your home network or system when an update is available, you should also patch your business network when updates are ready. Updates are not just present in order to drive you bonkers with constant reminders. These updates are available and have been created in order to keep your network secure.

Number Three: Letting The World Access Your Network

Who really needs access to your network? Ask yourself this question. Now, ask yourself the same question again. There’s another question that needs to be asked: who has the authority to grant people permission to access your network? Too many hands in the honey pot will always result in a sticky mess. If more than one person has the authority to grant network permission, you will have a problem on your hands.

It is entirely vital that all organizations and businesses delegate network administration tasks to select people. Do not let everyone who works in your office have network administration rights. If you think that only one person has these rights, double check. All too often, more than one person has the power and freedom to tamper with a network at will.

Basic? Yes. Necessary? You bet.

As you can see, these three steps are basic. But, basic is often undervalued. Remember that protecting a network begins with understanding how that network works, and this can’t be accomplished if basic tenants aren’t highly regarded. If you want to protect your network, don’t make any of the aforementioned mistakes.