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  • Never Liked It Anyway: The Site for Wounded Hearts
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Breaking up is hard to do, no matter where you live or what year it is. However, you can gain some satisfaction from breaking up if you can successfully make money off of those items that your ex gave you. You know, those ugly and useless items that you once thought were cool, but now just look like useless junk? A new site called Never Liked It Anyway is the site you want to check out if you heart has just been broken.

This site allows you to sell all of those relationship items (from wedding dresses to heart-shaped necklaces) to someone else out there. The point of this site is to make money from those items that you hate, and also to get over breaking up with that person you currently despise. If you happen to be shopping for some items (and don’t believe in bad voodoo), you can also shop this site full of interesting objects for sale – most of them at half-price. Here’s how Never Liked It Anyway works.

Selling Items

When looking through the items for sale on the Never Liked It Anyway site, you’ll see all kinds of things ranging from rings to books. To use the site, you will have to register by entering an email and a password. Once that’s done, you can choose the type of item that you are attempting to sell (clothes, art, books…). You will have to pay $2.50 per listing and $7.50 for a premium listing.

After you have chosen the type of listing you wish to sign up for, you can post a picture of your item along with a handy description.

Premium listings will gain more viewers, but most people will still look through regular listings (something to keep in mind). As soon as your photo and description have been uploaded, all you have to do is wait for a buyer to contact you. Most items on this site do sell quickly (depending on the type of item you are selling), though word about the site is just starting to circulate so be patient.

Buying Items

What better way to get a major discount on a great item than by shopping the site full of broken hearts? If you’re looking for a bargain, you have to check out the buyer’s section of this site. Right now, there aren’t a lot of items for sale on the site, but this will surely change just as soon as you share or retweet this article! At the moment, you will find a wedding dress, a teddy bear, some girly items like a leather jacket, a few books, and a couple of electronic items. All of these items are marked very fairly, since the people selling them simply want to get rid of these reminders.

To bid on an item, just select the item and click on the “Buy It” button, send a message to the seller, and click “Do It!” As soon as the seller responds, you can arrange payment details (usually through PayPal). Not only is this site a lot of fun to explore, but it gives those of you who have gone through rough break-ups a way to get back at the world. Sure, that guy or that girl may have been a real jerk, but now you can make money off of that bad break-up with “Never Liked It Anyway.”