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  • The New Nintendo 3DS Games
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The Nintendo 3DS has always had lots of potential. Yet, this handheld system (one of the last dedicated video game systems, I might add), didn’t sell as well as Nintendo had hoped from the start. The main problem with the 3DS was that Nintendo didn’t provide a lot of interesting games to go alone with this console.

Sure, Mario Kart and the legendary Zelda are lots of fun to play, but these vintage games spoke to an older crowd. Now, Nintendo has just let the world know that the company plans to release many additional 3DS games.

Even though Nintendo hasn’t handed a full list of games over to press, the company has let the public know about some upcoming titles. The titles that Nintendo plans on releasing will attract many different types of users both young and old. If you have a 3DS on your shopping list, here’s what you can expect to find on store shelves during the new year.

Titles to Expect

The following titles will be available for use with the 3DS system in 2012: METAL GEAR SOLID 3D Snake Eater, TEKKEN 3D Prime Edition, Resident Evil Revelation, Nicktoons MLB 3D, Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, CRUSH 3D, Horses 3D, Funky Barn, Rayman Origins, Kid Icarus: Uprising, and many others. Most of these games will hit store shelves in March of 2012, though some will be released at a later time. There has been some talk of Luigi’s Mansion II, but Nintendo didn’t include this title in the latest game release list.

There’s no doubt that Nintendo will gain some sales once the news of these new releases has been widespread, and some may add the 3DS system to a holiday list or two. However, it’s unlikely that Nintendo will gain a large amount of new followers just by releasing some new 3DS games. Still, there are other things on the horizon over at Nintendo, and one of them has to do with the person behind the ever-popular Zelda game.

New Games?

In case you aren’t aware, the main man behind Zelda and Super Mario Brothers is Shigeru Miyamoto. Miyamoto has been the head of Nintendo’s development and design department for many years now. Recently, Miyamoto announced that he would step down from this position. Does this mean that he is leaving Nintendo for good? Not at all.

What it means (according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal) is that Miyamoto will be working on smaller projects.

The genius designer told press that he will start working with younger designers on small projects within the near future.

Seemingly, Miyamoto wants to stop managing a department in order to become immersed in the development process once again. Could this mean that Miyamoto might be developing some 3DS games? Possibly; but I’m betting that this guru is looking towards smartphone games as well. Really, only time will tell where Miyamoto will apply his magic touch, but it’s bound to be a very exciting year for Nintendo from all angles.